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A Nurse Cosplay that is Frighteningly Amazing!


Posted October 21, 2013 by


October is the month of the long celebrated Scottish Pagan tradition of Samhain, or the Winter Solstice. The 31st of October is a day of celebrating on the eve of the Western Christian feasts of All Hallows’ Day and also, a day in the liturgical year of dedication to remembering the dead. This my friends, is All Hallows’ Eve, or more commonly known as Halloween.  Any more facts? The term Halloween dates back to 1745 and comes from the Scottish contraction of All Hallows’ Eve. Etymology and history lessons aside for now. This month is all about Halloween and that means horror themed cosplays from all mediums here on All That’s Cosplay. From the 1st to the 31st, we are sure to provide you with enough horror themed cosplays for a while.


The Silent Hill series, spanning over nine thrilling and chilling games, has provided us with rich and captivating storylines, puzzles and riddles deep within the storyline, atmospheric horror, monsters and a memorable gaming experience.

The nurses of Silent Hill are among the most well-known monsters throughout the series, along with the equally famous, Pyramid Head. The nurses, malformed and disfigured after the manifestation of the town, Silent Hill, symbolise the anxiety and memories of the game’s lead characters like Alessa and James; each in their own various appearances throughout the series represented the painful and horrifying memories and histories of the characters.


When we first laid eyes on this extremely skilled American cosplay bringing to life one of the series’ most prominent monsters, we were amazed at how well it was executed. UndercoverEnvy has crafted a detailed mask of the nurses’ signature twisted, swollen and disfigured face, deep and bloodied wounds, with a ripped up nurses dress and hat, and a small, jagged knife to put the cherry on the cake.  She’s captured these signature characteristics to create a bloody beautiful Silent Hill nurse cosplay.


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