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New Expendables 2 Video Game Gameplay/Walkthrough Video Of The First Mission “An Old Friend”

Posted August 3, 2012 by King in PC


The new Expendables 2 Video Game just hit the Sony Playstation Network. You can own this top down dual stick shooter for $14.99, or if your a Playstation Plus Memeber it can be yours for $11.99 for a limited time.

Four members of the Expendables are hired to rescue an extremely valuable kidnapped Chinese billionaire. Like usual for the team, all hell breaks loose. You get to choose to play as Barney, Gunner, Caesar or Yin Yang in this action packed adventure that allows you to play alone or in 4 player co-op.

This is King’s Epic Gameplay/Walkthrough of the first mission called “An old Friend”



Expendables 2 Video Game is currently out for the Playstation 3, but will be coming out on the Xbox 360 and PC on August 17th.


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    It actually looks pretty fun. Cheesy, but good.

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