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Mortal Kombat Review! A Blast From The Past, A Window Into The Future!

Posted August 1, 2012 by Chitown1977 in PS3






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This package can keep you busy for a long time. This game provides excellent value.


The online component can be frustrating. Be prepared to be dropped from games.

Mortal Kombat went through a reimagining in 2011 bringing the franchise full circle as it makes its return to the 2D fighting style. With the large amount of different modes, classic characters, return to gore form and much more, is it worth the trip? Here is our Epic Review of Mortal Kombat.

by Chitown1977
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Were you a fan of older Mortal Kombat games but got lost along the way? Did the addition of the run button and 3D movement almost ruin the series for you? Mortal Kombat 9 may have enough to bring you back. Especially since NetherRealm Studios have married the old school formula with new technology.


This is not your usual short few fights arcade mode. They saved this for arcade ladder mode. MK9 has a surprisingly long story mode for a fighting game. If you were a huge fan of the first three Mortal Kombat Games, than you will be happy to know the Story mode takes you through the story of those three games. This mode does not feel rushed. The story even fills in back stories for classic characters like Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Shao Khan is hell-bent on merging realms and it is up to you to stop it. You end up playing as a plethora of “hero” cast members fighting in a tournament to save Earthrealm.  I personally would have liked to play this mode from the villain perspective. However, the story mode is robust as it is and this addition could be a bit much for new to the series or casual fans of the game.  I will not spoil the experience for you but be prepared to spend 8-10 hours on the story mode. Do you have what it takes to save Earthrealm?


The combat in this game is fluid. Each character has their own combo starter strings that allow you to create combos as you please.  Mixing button combinations with special moves can be extremely fun and satisfying.  A meter system has been introduced to the game. This allows you to utilize enhanced moves. If you build your meter up to maximum, you can perform a slow motion x-ray move.  It is fun trying to create combos that incorporate the enhanced or x-ray moves.

The challenge tower gives you 300 challenges that range from easy to very challenging. The developers attempted to keep it fresh by providing a cornucopia of challenge modes. They could have just given you fights that included variables like half health (they are there too).  One minute you will be fighting an opponent, the next you will be a zombie hunter.  Test your might has made a comeback alongside the shell game test your sight. What you end up with is a frustrating roller coaster ride because you will find many challenges you like. Just when the challenge tower completion seems like it is progressing smoothly, you will find frustrating challenges. The bottom line is you will probably find as many challenges you like as those you do not. Fret not, you can buy your way out of a sticky situation.

Chances are you are buying this game for the multiplayer experience. The game introduces a tag team mode. You alone or with a friend can take on a team of two in Kombat.  For you to play with a friend you have to be on the same console. I would have loved to be able to play with my buddies on the same team remotely. Sadly, this is not possible.

Offline games are smooth and enjoyable. However, online matches are a crapshoot. As someone who has been playing this since launch, I have yet to experience lengthy online session that did not suffer some form connectivity issues. If you can get past this and minor lag issues there is a ton of fun to be had.  You can even enjoy a king of the hill mode to see who the best is. This can be exciting.  Even if you are sitting there watching people play, you can make your avatar boo and throw tomatoes. I highly recommend that you give this mode a try and play people that you know.


The graphics on this game are superb. The character models and backgrounds are highly detailed for a console game. This is one of the better looking games this console generation. If you have a 3d TV, you are in luck. The PS3 version of this game has 3d support, best of all it’s not cheesy or tacked on. It provides a layered approach that can add to the experience rather than take anything away from it.


The developers tried to recapture the sound quality from older games. The blend of old and new is very good. Fight sounds are crisp and accurate. The story line voice acting is quite enjoyable. It adds to the story mode without subtracting the Mortal Kombat cheese the fans have grown to love.


This game is solid.  It has dropped to a price point that has made it a value. If you are a fan or Mortal Kombat, you owe it to yourself to try this game. Even with the online flaws, this game provides a great experience. In fact, my PS3 has been dubbed the Mortal Kombat Box.





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