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“Lost Girl” S4/E5 Recap “Let The Dark Times Roll”

Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 5 "Let the Dark Times Roll"
Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 5 "Let the Dark Times Roll"
Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 5 "Let the Dark Times Roll"

Posted February 11, 2014 by

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Now that Bo is home, she has a few matters to tend to. With the Una Mens cracking down on the protocol, it seems that there could be potential for many emotions to go overboard. Massimo the druid is out of the picture, and Dyson is searching for Lauren. With Trick hiding and tending to research and Hale a part of the unknown, Bo is on her own to get things straight.

Bo was summoned by the Una Mens and doesn’t like being talked down to. Being the one with no rules, she decides to suck the chi out of them but gets it sucked right back out of her. Talk about insane! Kenzi and Bo are meeting with the dark leader; but hold up, it isn’t Vex after all.

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The Morrigan, Evony is now in the chair and is delighted to have Bo on their side. Bo is less than happy about the changes, and she demands to be unaligned or possibly light Fae but she only has until the rise of the full moon, which is tonight. In order to reverse the actions, she must find Vex and also bring him back to Evony for his punishment. Evony has plans to throw Bo something to welcome her to the dark and hopes Bo will show up with a smile at least.

Trick is researching who the Wanderer is and, with what looks to be a seed, he hides it in his vault. A member of the Una Mens has summoned Trick into joining them later and wants his entire life story.

Back at the party, Kenzi and Bo show up to the first and only, worst dark Fae party for life. Tamsin is also joining them and Evony is glad she looks edgy. The Morrigan even has a human buffet and Bo wishes them gone, so Bo takes it upon herself. On another note, Evony and Bo are chatting about how Bo can unalign herself with the dark and find Vex at the same time. With Dyson looking for Lauren, Evony has a trick up her sleeve. She happens to show up in a sexy black dress, Lauren.

Trick is with the Una Mens and the leader calls him forth, determining his future. A lot of questions are asked but it means that things could go eitherbad or good in Trick’s favor. The leader brings a box and talks about a seed that the Blood King took and ran, using the powers as a blood sage and hiding.

Back at the party, Bo and Lauren are having a sexy moment when a waiter comes in with a tray of baby quiche. He leaves, but Lauren wants the tray. The two are at it for some conversation, not being able to find each other and Bo being dark Fae. Evony walks in and makes an agreement to find Vex, Bo agrees to the terms but it means that they have to partner with Pietra to find him.

Kenzi is back in the dining area with Tamsin, filling their plates. When Kenzi reaches for a piece of sushi, Bruce talks, startling Kenzi. Kenzi orders him up and finds him a shirt. Oh, Brushi.

On the hunt, Lauren, Bo and Pietra are gathering a dagger that Vex will need in order to cut off infection, but could end up being valuable for them. Lauren is loading a nectar of violet needle for Vex and it could put him out for the count, temporarily. Pietra is waiting for Vex to grab the dagger and he sends a random delivery person out to retrieve it. Pietra is petrified about a little bruise and Bo heads into the building to find Vex, with the needle.

Bruce is mastered by some random Fae and, in order for Tamsin and Kenzi to “own” him, Tamsin speaks up at the dark Fae party. She says she is going to master all over Bruce and the owner steps in for the duel. This could get ugly.

In the building, Bo finds Vex they exchange some words to one another. Turns out, the controlled woman attacks Bo, the needle drops and Vex could possibly have a win. Bo wakes up laying in a bed and completely numb. Vex hoovers over her and Bo tries to suck him dry but Bo, being out of it, is unable to do anything. Vex goes back to stirring up his concoction to help with his hand. It smells gross!

Tamsin is prepping for the master duel and with a tails call. Tamsin gets to choose the duel, dance. Tamsin bursts out in dance and, in the last half, Kenzi chimes in for a duet. Once done, the competitor jumps in and starts break dancing. After a minute, Tamsin uses her abilities to spread doubt in the dancer. When she flips, the lands on her neck and lays on the floor. Win for Tamsin!

Vex takes control of the situation and talks about how he will be losing his hand. His mom, dad and brother all went through the same thing and it would be humiliating to go through a long, painful death. May as well chop that baby off! Bo is able to spit out the towel in her mouth and hopes she can say something to change his mind. She jumps up and reaches for his hand, but he slices it off at the wrist. Ouch!

Vex heads for the garage and reveals a nice cherry red car, but it’s a left hand drive. Bo corners him and demands to be unattached to the dark. Turns out the archivist knows everything, so Bo takes the hand in to Evony and pins her with the archivist. He comes in, and pulls the information off of his head. Bo has signed a pledge to the dark and has a sponsor as well. Bo is less than pleased, and takes the hand off Evony hands. Lauren walks in as she leaves.

Back in the Una Mens compound, Trick is fighting for something that could be going against him. The leader of the Una Mens says that there is only one option for Trick; he would stand as the acting Ash. Say, what?

Lauren and Bo are finally having their talk and, when the humans were declared as enemies of the one true state, Lauren ran. The light never went after her and the dark were the only ones who sought her out; granted, they made her diagnose one of the leaders, they still found her and wanted her. Bo wants to protect her, but it is not happening.

In the end, Kenzi and Bruce are talking and Kenzi is trying to get him to go to Bora Bora, spread his wings and do as he pleases. Bo and Trick are at the Dal Riata, having a drink. Trick is the new acting Ash and Bo is the darling of the dark. Bo wants to know who Rainor is and Trick will search for it in due time. The Una Mens have that book that Trick needs and Rainor appears to be one that the Fae fear, even the Una Mens fear him. The seed that belongs to Trick is also missing.

This week has been a whirlwind and, now that Bo is back in action, this will be one heck of a season. Chime in your thoughts below in the comment section!


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“Lost Girl” airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. and stars Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo, Zoie Palmer, Richard Howland, Paul Amos, K.C. Collins, Inga Cadranel, Rachel Skarsten and Emmanuelle Vaugier.