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“Lost Girl” S4/E4 TV Recap “Turn to Stone”

Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 4 Turn to Stone
Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 4 Turn to Stone
Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 4 Turn to Stone

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In this week’s episode of Syfy’s Lost Girl, Bo is back and ready to go home, relax and jump back into her home life. Dyson couldn’t be any more excited about having her back and in his arms now that Lauren is out of the picture. Speaking of, where is she? Kenzi is also glad to have Bo home. Both Hale and Trick seem to be laying low in this episode but could be ready to get things back in action. Since we’re on that note, Bo is back in action in the boxing ring.

Bo and Dyson are in the boxing ring, kicking ass, talking about the Una Mens, Bo’s memories and the things on her mind, including Lauren. Dyson insists that she is better off away, fighting for her own safety rather than defending her rights with the Fae. It makes sense seeing as she left the light and helped Dr. Taft with a bold move like that. Bo and Dyson get down to business and in the heat of the moment, Bo senses something, perhaps that gargoyle has something to do with it, but it isn’t there. After all, the Una Mens are some nasty, traditional creatures.

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Back at the clubhouse, Bo returns after her work out and sex session with Dyson. The protective barrier doesn’t let her in and it is supposed to hold back malicious Fae. Kenzi is elated to have her home and hugs her, hoping the memory of her being gone will leave soon. Tamsin is two weeks old and with a new growth spurt, her hair refuses to damage and break off and she requests cheese puffs. Kenzi wants to head out for the night so the bribe is going out with boring night out or cozy night in with X-Files.

Bo and Kenzi head to the Dal to have a few drinks and Bo has better ideas in mind, like dancing. With the Una Mens in town, cracking on the rules, making sure everything is to their liking, Bo breaks the rules, cracks the music and turns the Dal into a night of fun. Once they return from a night out, there is no Tamsin sight, nor furniture.

Bo heads down to the police station to see Dyson to have a talk. Bo seems to think it is the Una Mens taking her furniture. Tamsin is also sitting at the table, eating a donut. Dyson hints about getting together with Bo again – shopping, going to all the stores, maxing credit cards twice over and Tamsin wants in on the idea. She’s too young to understand adult code talk. Bo gets up and walks to the ladies room.

Kenzi is outside, calling Massimo, wanting her things back when two men come up behind her and put a black bag over her head and takes her to a van. Massimo wants to be paid and everything in the house is good payment, but not enough. Bo takes the two men down and rescues Kenzi, telling Kenzi that she is back and wants to help her. Kenzi just wants to settle the battle by herself. The duo head over to see Massimo the druid. Turns out, that man has some ideas of his own and it starts by sending the girls to Lauren’s apartment to find an herb. If it means getting their stuff back, the two are off in search of an herb that could mean everything.

Lauren and Crystal are being held hostage, with no idea who is holding them. Lauren learns they are being watched and tells a story about how she made pipe bombs and ended up running. Crystal confesses that she spy-banged Lauren and then she opens up about how she was in Crystal’s spot at one point, spy-banging Bo.

Dyson walks into the interrogation room where Tamsin is working on phone call records, searching for Lauren. Tamsin, still being the baby she is, found a potential lead and gives the heads up to Dyson. He has lunch for them and Tamsin is curious what love feels like. Dyson resists for a moment but something breaks.

Back at Lauren’s apartment, the girls have found an herb that they are looking for and Bo heads for the door. The flame Fae protectant is guarding all doors, keeping them in, even Kenzi can’t get out. Bo hopes she can even if it means dousing Kenzi in a bath to help rinse her off from her powers. Kenzi is able to get out the door to retrieve the few things they need to escape. Bo is searching Lauren’s drawers and finds a necklace that Lauren could have been giving her. The lights cut out and there is a gargoyle creeping up on her. The lights turn back on and Bo has been bitten.

Kenzi is communicating with Bo about what happened while she was gone, gaining a Fae power that cost her a lot, kissing Dyson and being glad that she is home. Whoa! Kenzi kissed Dyson?! Bo is less than pleased about getting word of this.

Tamsin has a couple small spots on her shoulder blades where her wings are ready to make an appearance. Dyson, gone, returns to find Tamsin gone and nowhere to be found. Dyson reaches out to Bo, who has been held captive at Laurens apartment to also learn the news. Once Bo hangs up, she is out the door and orders Kenzi to stay in the apartment until Dyson gets to their location.

Massimo has Tamsin and has her convinced that they used to be best of friends, the relationship with Bo and Kenzi are peachy and Tamsin is safe. Massimo gets Tamsin tied into a chair, sharpens a blade and wants to cut off some hair. Bo storms in, not happy about that is going down. Massimo thinks the he can take Bo down so he grabs her from behind with the knife. Factors change and Tamsin’s wings sprout and begins to spread doubt. Massimo is on the ground, gasping for air and Bo talks her out of it with a hug. That’s what love feels like.

Bo grabs the iPod out of Tamsin’s back pocket and tells her to head to the elevator, turn the music up as loud as it goes and wait for her. She heads off in the direction of the elevator and Bo storms in, demanding that everything that is theirs, be returned. Massimo informs Bo about the vile, marking her so she can go across the plane and into the arms of the Wanderer, or close to. Bo sucks chi out of him to learn that Massimo isn’t a druid, but mere human, weak human.

Bo blames the gargoyles on him and not buying the joke, the two are even. She even takes the hair that he had and throws it into the fire pit. Bo begins to walk about, Massimo wants to get it and throws himself in after it.

Dyson is telling a story to Tamsin and when she sleeps, Kenzi comes in. The two talk about the past and how things can change.

Bo goes into see the Una Mens, talk to them about the gargoyles and not enjoying the fact that they are searching for her or after something. Bo lives by her own rules and she wants to make them clear. The Una Mens want nothing to do with her but they do want the unaligned succubus. Her blood has spoken and she now has a side – dark.

“Lost Girl” airs Monday nights at its new time, 10 p.m. Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo, Zoie Palmer, Richard Howland, Paul Amos, K.C. Collins, Inga Cadranel, Rachel Skarsten and Emmanuelle Vaugier.



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