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“Shameless” S4/E4 Recap “Strangers on a Train”

Shameless Season 4 Episode 4 Strangers on a Train
Shameless Season 4 Episode 4 Strangers on a Train
Shameless Season 4 Episode 4 Strangers on a Train

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Addicts have a way of finding other addicts amongst a crowd of people, and Fiona is up for a hell ride with her boyfriend/boss’ brother. Lots of sexy time and Fiona can’t get enough, or can she? Frank is ready to have a liver transplant via his daughter, but she still doesn’t know the truth. Let’s jump into the recap of this week’s episode of “Shameless.”

Fiona is on the L after a long day at work and guess who is on the platform? That would be Mike’s brother, Robbie. Robbie gets on and stands in the front of the train and, once the train makes a stop, he sits down next to Fiona and pleasures her. Robbie gets off, and Fiona stays on the L to get home. Fiona is explaining it the best she can to Veronica, when Veronica calls Fiona out on her behavior. Veronica heads to the Alibi.

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Carl and Debbie are getting ready for school and Fiona is trying to relate to them in the middle of all of the chaos, but with no luck. Debbie wants her lip gloss and Liam is attempting to eat it. They both give Fiona the cold shoulder, but still manage to hit her up for lunch money.

Veronica is at the Alibi, putting peanuts in a bowl and charging the customers three dollars a shot. The pressure is on Kev and Veronica, now that they need to get rid of the asbestos upstairs, pay for four kids and make sure that the Alibi is running in the black.

Frank is at the doctor’s office with his daughter, Samantha, to get some tests done for the liver transplant. She starts stripping and Frank gets uncomfortable so he walks out to figure out to speak to the doctor. Unfortunately, he needs $150,000 with a third of it up front for the surgery. Since Frank has no insurance, he needs to sign up for the pro-bono transplant list, which could take years. Frank heads to the Alibi for a cup of coffee and vents his problems. Kevin and another bar drunk shoot around the idea of claiming insurance for the money, and Frank has an even better idea – having an accident at Sheila’s house.

Frank heads to Sheila’s, taking off one of the steps, and staging an accident so he can get the cash he needs. Once he scraps up his leg, he heads over to file a claim, but the insurance money at most is $2,000. Frank’s lawyer tells hit that he will needs a more serious injury to get that kind of cash, such as burns over 30% of his body, a lost eye, or a shattered femur. Frank turns to Carl for help getting injured, and Carl’s ideas are not so interesting after all. Frank goes upstairs and takes the pills that Carl was able to steal from Veronica’s medicine cabinet.

Lip is at the dorm and needs to get to class to take the test, but the practice run with the questions is a good start. He heads to get his pants and the laundry is on the dryer, soaked. He puts on his soaked pants and heads to his dorm, but is locked out. He makes it to class late, and the professor won’t let him in to take the exam.

Debbie is hanging out with Holly at the bowling alley, talking about boys and the fact that Debbie didn’t get laid. Holly has Sam running around getting things for her, like grabbing a caramel Frappuccino. Debbie tells Holly that her 20 year-old boyfriend, Matt, had said it wasn’t the right time, even with her in lingerie.

Mickey is irritated that his prostitute wife is being treated like a sex slave, getting crap for all the blow-jobs she is giving and bringing home very little money. Mickey storms in taking all of the Russian prostitutes and wants to have a meeting with Sasha. He takes them to the Alibi and holds them hostage.

Kevin is stressed about Stan’s son wanting the $500 monthly payment that he was promised. Mickey gives Kevin the idea of hiring immigrants to do the work at the Alibi, since they are fresh off the boat and make nearly nothing. Kevin heads to Home Depot for some supplies and Veronica is a little shocked that he would even go now. Just as Kevin heads out the door, Mickey gets word that Sasha wants to meet with him, so he pulls out his gun, gets it ready and heads down to the office.

Lip is in the office, meeting with the Dean of the college, hoping he can have an opportunity to retake his test. The Dean is not happy about “Phillip” attending the university on a scholarship and not giving it his all. A frustrated and angry grabs a pipe stretcher and starts bashing in the windows of parked cars. Once the campus cops see him, it’s a wild goose chase. In the library he goes, under a desk and between the legs of a woman in a skirt. Shhh!

Mickey gets to Sasha’s to confront her. She is outside, overseeing a truck that is backing in. Sasha, a woman, isn’t threatened by Mickey and opens the truck to reveal a new shipment of Russian women and laughs in his face. The women Mickey took are stretched out and tired. The new girls will be much better.

Mike is at work and startles Fiona. He wants to take her out for her birthday and Fiona just wants to keep it low key. Robbie shows up to hound his dad for a little money. He starts texting Fiona and she does not like it. She tells Mike that it is just one of the kids, so he leaves her to decide what to do for her birthday.

Frank comes downstairs and Carl has a movie for Frank and some soup, with lots of meds mixed in. Carl tells him he is killing a cockroach so Frank has no clue what is about to go down. Once Frank is passed out, Carl duck tapes weights onto his legs, grabs a ladder and leaps onto one of Frank’s legs, shattering it. Frank sits up, yells and passes back out. It’s definitely broken this time.

Debbie heads over to see Mandy for advice, and the entire house is filled with Russian whores. Debbie, shocked, heads up to go talk to her. The girls are furious with Mickey, wanting to get back to work so they can make money to get them by. Mandy tells Debbie that there are a few ways to seduce her boyfriend, but a naked selfie could be the best idea.

Kevin brings in a few Hispanics to help rid the Alibi of asbestos the place and, with the little money they will be paid, Kevin looks at it as win-win.

Fiona shows up at Robbie’s place to tell him that he needs to stop, but the two end up taking their clothes off and getting into bed. Mike shows up and wants to talk to his brother. Fiona is scared and doesn’t want Robbie to answer the door, but he enjoys torturing Fiona. Mike is mad about him showing up to ask their dad for money, seeing how the money comes directly out of the company.

Lip has left college and stops in to see Mandy. Lip tells Mandy all about the pipe bender and how random destruction reminded him of her. Lip confesses he almost called her but she isn’t on the market. With her boyfriend gone, their clothes come off. Lip doesn’t last long, and it turns out to be “a sprint”. Mandy wants money to pay for the morning after pill and the six dollars he has isn’t enough. Mandy’s boyfriend’s condoms are not small enough to fit on Lip and he mentions he wouldn’t mind a little rugrat running around. Lip tells Mandy he is bailing from college and she is furious that he wants to leave after she put in all that work into getting him into school. Words are said and a punch is thrown.

Carl puts Frank in a wheel barrow and rolls him over to Sheila’s house. Carl throws him onto the steps, makes it look like he fell and dumps the wheelbarrow. He begins screaming for help.

Debbie is home taking an endless amount of selfies that are not turning out so she grabs her brothers nude magazine, picks a photo and sends it to Matt. That should get him going. She waits for a text and “Come over” is what Debbie wants to read. She heads to his place and Matt walks out of the bathroom with a towel. Debbie jumps on him just like Mandy showed her. The two talk about the photo but they are not getting busy any time soon, because Matt tells her that she is just too young. Debbie storms out.

Lip heads to the Alibi and Kevin laughs at his black eye. Lip talks about the fifty grand a year tuition, a 300 year old book will be forgotten once the test is over and how he doesn’t fit in. He is still south side ghetto. Kevin serves him up a beer and hopes Lip is just letting off steam and will go back to school. He tells Lip to “grow a pair”.

Carl takes Frank to his daughter trailer and roles up. With Chuckie gone at the neighbors for a while, they have the place to themselves but the bad news is that it turns out that he white blood cells will not work with Franks, they attacked his. Frank rambles and gets himself in trouble by mentioning it’s his daughter. She is shocked, angry and throws a few rounds with a frying pan, kicking him out.

Debbie is back at the bowling alley, grabs Sam and heads to the bathroom. Lights are off and into a stall they go, but it looks that the two won’t be doing anything. Debbie is home, crying and upset that she is screwing up her relationship. Fiona is let into the room and confesses to Debbie that she is also screwing up her relationship.

Kevin’s workers are done for the day so he hands over a bill for the each of them and gives them half shots for their hard work. Mickey storms in knowing what he can do for the girls, all he needs is a location and the clientele and Kevin has both of them.

Frank, wheeling into the Alibi, requests water, grabs a smoke and his daughter comes up behind him. Frank orders a beer for her and the two chat. After a while, they are back at her place, looking at photo albums. She is just glad that he is there in her life now. Samantha touches Frank’s leg, and he grabs a pillow to hide his erection.

Lip is back at college, waiting on the cold steps when his professor arrives, asking Lip how long he has been there. Lip pleads for a break to retake the test that he missed, and the professor decides to give him a shot. He has the blue book, three pens and one more shot.

“Shameless” airs Sunday nights on Showtime at 9 p.m. The show stars William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Justin Chatwin, Jeremy Allen White, Cameron Monaghan, Emma Kenney, Shanola Hampton, Steve Howey and Joan Cusack.