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Queen of the Seven Seas: A Gorgeous Gender-Bent Aquaman Cosplay


Posted January 2, 2014 by


Photo by SGH PhotoArt

Of all the members of the Justice League, Aquaman just might be the hero that has often been looked over and unfortunately been forgotten about both in the DC universe and in the cosplay community. Perhaps it is because he hasn’t been put on the big screen with a sexy big named actor to represent him in The Justice League, or perhaps it is because he just isn’t as loved in the community due of lack of super snazzy powers like flight or use of snazzy high tech weapons, or maybe… just maybe it is because many fans are bias against the colors and textures of his costume. Nonetheless, we here at All That’s Epic truly believe he deserves more coverage in the community.


Photography by Ernesto Javier

Apparently, Kristen Hughey agrees with us as she has crafted one jaw dropping gender-bent version of Aquaman’s average and typically dull costume! There are two commonly used techniques that have been used by cosplayers in the community to recreate Auquman’s costume—an orange spandex top, or a shiny gold top with scale-like textures. Kristen Hughey has put several interesting twists on her rendition of Aquaman’s traditional costume. From adding shiny orange metallic scales as a happy medium between the two commonly seen techniques, to crafting some epic armor with her perfectly asymmetrical shoulder pieces. We also love how she used rope to wrap around the base of her trident’s three prongs; giving it a real mystical feel that truly makes it seem as if it is the most powerful and indestructible ancient Atlantean relics out there.


Photography by Japan Minute

Kristen Hughey has crafted some incredible cosplays that have captivated her fans with their unique craftsmanship. From her ultimate Jade cosplay, to her gender-bent Queen of the Seven Seas, we admire her skills to craft such great cosplays that have elated our blackest nights and even our brightest days. We are certainly excited to see what else the talented and creative cosplayer has up her sleeve in the future.


Photo by SGH PhotoArt

View more of Kristen Hughey’s amazing cosplay work at her Facebook and Twitter pages along with her Website!


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