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Discover What Good Luck is All About with This Epic Domino Cosplay


Posted January 3, 2014 by


When it comes to being a bad ass super sexy mutant, Domino certainly is the cream of the crop! While her allegiance has remained questionable throughout her time in the Marvel universe, Domino has set out to stand up for herself, and for those who can’t fight back by refusing to back down. Due to her less than fortunate childhood, Domino has somewhat of a soft spot for those who cannot fight against the system that constantly threatens their mutant existence.


Before she had a chance to be a carefree kid, Domino only knew how to be the fighting machine that she was genetically engineered to be by a corrupt government program that aimed to breed genetically engineered fighting soldiers. As a result of her genetic engineering, Domino will always find herself a bit of a misfit as she will always have creamy white skin and a huge black tattoo over her left eye. Thus it is easy to see why her allegiance has remained questionable over the years, as she consistently struggles to find a sense of justice for the misplaced mutants.


Shermie cosplay has done a marvelous job at personifying the epic mercenary, as she shows us just what it is like to possess the powers of good luck! Photographer Victor Hugo has done an astonishing job at capturing just how perfect Shermie looks in her sexy black attire. She truly looks as if she has been pulled straight out of the comic world and placed into our world! Shermie looks magnificent in her flawless black leather costume and tall black combat boots. With her epic shiny black pistols loaded and ready, Shermie is ready to take on anyone who stands in her way of executing justice for all mutants.




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