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This Cosplay of Marvel’s Black Widow is Explosive!


Posted January 8, 2014 by


Once upon a time in the fairy-tale land of Russia was an adventuring intelligence operative, rumoured to be related to the ruling czars of Russia, named Natasha Romanoff, or more commonly known as Black Widow. Let’s start off with her early life, where both accounts are quite the story. There was one account where back in the day of Hitler and the Nazi’s, Natasha was living in Stalingrad and they set the building on fire. She was thrown out the window into the arms of a USSR soldier, Ivan Petrovich, whom was granted the task of watching over her to the end of her days. While under his protection, she had many adversaries attempt to attack her. She was then abducted by Baron von Stucker and presented in person to the Hand in Madripoor where she would become their Master Assassin before Captain America, Logan and Ivan knocked on the door and saved her. She then became a ballerina of the USSR.

That, or she was born and raised in the USSR’s “Black Widow Ops” program and taken to Department X where she was trained in combat and espionage alongside other orphan girls at the covert of the Red Room Facility. She is then bio-technologically and psycho-technologically enhanced to give her an unusually long and youthful lifespan.  Regardless of what account you believe or find more interesting, Black Widow is well trained at her skills and is quick, silent and deadly, just like her pseudonym.


Natasha Romanoff has had many adaptations in film, print and game. While Scarlett Johansson plays the sexy spy so incredibly well and has proved to be an inspiration to many cosplay ladies everywhere, her original comic book form is a popular choice and always something cosplayers keep coming back to. Sexy Spanish cosplayer Vanitynotdead has crafted a superb and super shiny Black Widow cosplay from the original comics and looks like the gorgeous spy Natasha is in all that shiny PVC goodness. I guess it’s the idea of donning a shiny PVC suit that makes ladies want to cosplay her. Regardless, this cosplay is stunning!


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