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A Lady Death Cosplay That’s To Die For


Posted December 30, 2013 by


Lady Death began as a villain and urged Evil Ernie to kill at the first company to take her in as more of an eye-candy than a serious character. From there, she’s hopped between several different publishing companies, doing well until the company began to go under and was forced to sell the rights to her once they filed bankruptcy, where she landed ultimately at Avatar Press where her background has been changed. While her original form was that of a villain, she’s turned more into a hero after sacrificing her humanity after the wrong doing of her father in the newer story lines.


Toni Darling swept into the cosplay scene with her astounding rendition of a female version of Thor. Her craftsmanship and beauty is something to behold and she does justice to the gorgeous women that she recreates. When it comes to her version of Lady Death, there is no doubt of the work that went into creating it and perfecting the look of this strikingly beautiful goddess. From the albino hair, trademark of passing through the portal to the Labyrinth willingly, and porcelain skin with soul-less white eyes, she pulls off looking powerful yet seductive. Signature of Lady Death, she has little to create to cover her body as she only wears black lingerie, but Toni Darling adorns the outfit in golden skulls, chains and charms to add to the fear that one ultimately feels when they find themselves face to face with the Lady Death.



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