Movie Cosplay: Slaughter Lycans with Selene from Underworld


Posted August 11, 2014 by


There are a few names that come to mind when thinking of iconic female badasses who are always armed and ready to kick the tails of supernatural, apocalyptic entities: one would be Alice from the Resident Evil series, and the other would undoubtedly be Selene from horror film franchise Underworld.


Selene, portrayed by the stunning Kate Beckinsale, dedicated her life to the Death Dealers, vowing to destroy the Lycan species as a whole after her entire family was brutally murdered and she was left a lonely orphan.  While Selene constantly remembers and mourns her family, she remains resolute, headstrong, and determined, using the pain of her past to fuel her hatred towards the Lycans.


We love a good Selene cosplay.  Strapped in leather garments and an all-black appearance, Selene looks like someone you definitely would not want to mess with.  Cosplayer KO Cosplay completely evokes the entire vibe of Selene, looking resolute and powerful, yet still incredibly beautiful.





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