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Experience the Magic of the Red Mages in this Final Fantasy Cosplay


Posted June 26, 2014 by


The Red Mages of Final Fantasy have the ability to cast both Black and White magic as well as wield swords and equip armor and weapons that even the Black and White mages cannot. While they are some of the most versatile characters in the Final Fantasy anthology, their versatility comes at a costly price. Their stats are quite low and they can’t equip all stronger types of equipment. And while they can learn and cast a large array of spells, their spell casting ability is not the strongest of all of them.

The Red Mages have a special ability such as Dualcast, which boosts their spell casting efficiency even higher. Their signature attire consists of red, black, and white clothing, including a red cloak with white or black trimmings, black boots and a red cap topped off with a white feather.


American cosplayer Katsumiyo is a master of cosplays, having cosplayed some amazing characters such as Samus Aran, Catwoman and even Meridell from our childhood game, Neopets. Her Red Mage cosplay is vibrant, eye-catching and extremely well put-together. Not only that, it’s magical!


Photography by Ho Doug.



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