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Epic Everyday Cosplay: Take a Peak at Britney’s Pop Princess Style


Posted May 12, 2014 by


This week we are indulging in some of the most iconic looks worn by the Princess of Pop herself, Britney Spears. Anyone who lived through Y2K has jammed to this Pop-star’s tunes, rocking out to classics in the new millennium like “Crazy”, “Oops I Did It Again” and “Hit Me Baby”. Though Britney started out on the 1990’s revival of the Mickey Mouse Club, her wholesome child-star image was quickly transformed into a sexified pop sensation! That kind of fame and pressure can really get to a girl and by the late 2000’s we have the real “Crazy” Britney, marrying the infamous K-Fed, landing in and out of the psych ward and assaulting the paparazzi with umbrellas. Despite the meltdown, she has made an epic comeback with an even more sexy and risqué style. It’s undeniable that Britney is a fashion icon, and in her honor we have put together outfits from some of her most recognizable performances: the rebellious school girl from “Oops I Did It Again”, the sultry belly dance inspired outfit from “I’m A Slave 4 You” and the sexy ring leader from “Circus”.


  1. Wehkamp CoolCat Blouse
  2. Topshop Pleated Scuba Skirt
  3. House of Fraser Mint Velvet Nuetral Boyfriend Cardigan
  4. Foot Traffic Cable Socks
  5. Rowena Cleated Chunky Grunge Shoes
  6. Fluffy Ponytail Holder
  1. Love True Love Wrap Bandeau
  2. Silk Ombre Belly Dance Skirt
  3. Gold Coin Chain Adult Belt
  4. Albino Burmese Python Plush
  5. Sparkling Sage Earrings
  6. Charter Club Peacock Crystal Flower Pin
  7. Sweet Romance Vintage Peacock Glass Pinwheel Ring
  8. Humble Chic Mosaic Crystal Bracelet
  1. Punk Rave Black Velvet Tailcoat Jacket
  2. Ender Legard Corset
  3. Topshop Black Sequin High Waisted Hot Pants
  4. Berkshire Fishnet Hosiery
  5. Kattee Sheepskin Leather Lace Up Boots
  6. Victorian Top Hat
  7. 6 Foot Whip


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