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Crowded convention halls can mean disaster for intricate costumes or large props, and a costume that’s falling apart can be a complete confidence killer. After working for months on your cosplay, you shouldn’t let a sewing slip up, or makeup mishap keep you from having the time of your life. This list of must have cosplay repair kit items will help you fix everything from broken props to tangled wigs, without even leaving the convention center!


Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Props can be the centerpiece of a cosplay, and often times they are oversized statement pieces. But what happens if you’re moving through a crowded hall, and someone bumps into you, breaking the prop that ties your costume together? Why you pull out your glue gun and find an power outlet of course! Hot glue can solve anything from broken props, to small accessories with ease, and is a very fast and efficient fix.

Small Sewing Kit with Mini Scissors

A small sewing kit can be purchased at most dollar stores, or put together with items you have at home. Your sewing kit will come in handy for unravelled hems, missing buttons, and with a good friend and a bit of effort you can even sew yourself into a costume if a snap or zipper breaks. A tiny pair of scissors will finish the job, by trimming those unsightly hanging threads. Save yourself from any wardrobe malfunctions, and remember to pack your sewing kit.

Fabric Glue

Fabric glue is another absolute must for your cosplay repair kit. If a hem on your costume has come undone, or a fabric detail is coming unfixed, fabric glue can be a life saver. It can solve all manners of fabric related issues in a fraction of the time it would take to hand stitch with a needle and thread.

Makeup and Deodorant

It’s important to feel as good as you look in a cosplay, because confidence is key when portraying any character. During a standard day at a convention you’ll be eating, drinking, talking, and no doubt sweating. To stay fresh, bring a compact mirror and powder, lipstick for post meal touch ups, and your deodorant just in case you need it!


Blisters are inevitable at a conventions. Cosplays often include some pretty impractical footwear, like heavy boots and tall high heels. Sometimes these shoes are brand new, and other times they are purchased used to keep costume costs low. To make things worse, you’re walking around in them all day- Ouch! But don’t let that ruin your convention experience, simply pack some bandages, and don’t be afraid to layer them up for extra comfort!

Eye Drops

A lot of people wear colored circle lenses to make their cosplay as accurate as possible, but even if you wear contacts on a regular basis, the larger size circle lenses can put extra strain on your eyes. Convention centers can also have bright, overhead lighting, and this can all add up to irritated, dry eyes. Eye safety is extremely important, so if you feel your eyes getting dry, apply a couple eye drops and get back to enjoying the con.

Wig brush

Wigs can be very hard to take care of, especially if they are long, or curly. Just the movement from walking through the con can cause quite a few tangles, and a gust of wind can be devastating for a long wig. You can spend hours untangling a wig at the end of the day, but by packing a wig brush, you can comb out those tangles during the day, and look fabulous for all your photos.

Safety pins

Safety pins are an easy, discreet fix for when your costume just will not stay in place. If your boot covers are falling down, a carefully placed safety pin can tighten them up. If your shirt keeps riding up, you can safety pin it to your bottoms. If your sailor collar continues to flap in the wind, it can be pinned to the back of your shirt. They can even be used in place of thread or fabric glue to fix your costume’s hems. The uses for safety pins are endless, and that makes them my number one most important item for your cosplay repair kit!




Written by Guest Contributor: HacksawJenny

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