New Iron Man 3 Trailer is finally here!

Posted October 23, 2012 by King in Movie News

It’s finally here! No more waiting or watching small teasers of teaser trailers. Watch as our favorite Avenger has his whole world torn down before having to build everything back up. I present to you the brand new Iron Man 3 trailer.








Image Source: Apple iTunes

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    What in the what?!?!
    I didn’t think there was any chance of another sequel after Iron Man 2 since it was focused more upon The Avengers tie-in.
    Granted I never read ANY of the comics (before my time) I’m certain that it will be quite the experience for the viewers come May 3rd.
    Hell, When IM2 was announced, I saw it as a sham. Another excuse for the company to make a mediocre movie and cash-in. But once I DID see the movie, shoot I wasn’t the least bit disappointed.
    I’m already convinced it’s a “Must See”.

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