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007 Legends for the Playstation 3 Gets Some Exclusive Content!

Posted October 17, 2012 by King in PC

This week 007 Legends has hit store shelves giving you the chance to play as your favorite 00 agent in five of Bond’s classic films re-imagined, along with a downloadable mission based off Skyfall to come in November.

With the franchise celebrating its 50th anniversary and the new Bond film Skyfall releasing in theaters soon, coming back and playing these classics just seem fitting.

With the release of the game, it was revealed today on the PlayStation Blog that the PS3 version of 007 Legends has some exclusive content. Assassin Patrice and MI6 field agent Eve from next month’s Skyfall, are both playable characters in the multiplayer and have their very own special features and abilities. These two characters are exclusive to the Playstation 3 version of 007 Legends.

You Bond fans out there who picked up 007 Legends can download the Skyfall mission on November 9 on the PS3. As for you Xbox 360 owners, you’ll have to wait until November 20.





More 007 Legends action:

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