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‘True Blood’ Season 6 Episode 1 Review: ‘Who Are You, Really?’

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Posted June 17, 2013 by

Warning: Full spoilers ahead!

Welcome to the first review for the sixth season of True Blood!

True Blood is known for its thrilling cliff-hanger season finales, but I do not think any season left the viewers in more awe and confusion than last season when Bill drank the blood of Lilith, died, and reformed from his own blood into a Lilith-type figure. This was one ending I do not think anyone was anticipating, and needless to say we have been anxiously waiting for the new season so we can learn what exactly happened to Bill. We did not get all of the answers we may have wanted this episode, but some light was shed on the character that has been amusingly dubbed “Billith.” Let’s get right into the recap!

The episode begins exactly where we left off last season. Eric and Sookie watch Bill transform into this bloody Lilith-like creature, and the two frantically run away. Bill turns off the electricity in the building, making it difficult for Eric, Sookie and the other group of infiltrators escape. Nora, Jason, Tara, Pam, and Jessica are trying to get out of the Authority undetected from the vampire guards, knowing full well that Eric and Sookie are in danger. Fortunately, Eric and Sookie are able to escape from within, get their car, and save the rest of the group. Jessica inquires about Bill’s wellbeing, but Sookie only tells her Bill did not make it. Suddenly the building they escaped from explodes, and everyone in the car turns around to see Bill emerge from the flames; however they can all see that Bill looks more like a monster than his normal self. Bill stares them down and then flies away.

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At the same time, Sam, Luna, and Emma escape from the Authority building before it explodes. Luna is injured from her transformation into Steve Newlin and is slowly dying. When they get to safe ground, Luna falls to the ground and begins to tell Sam to take care of Emma. Emma is crying over her mother’s body as Luna makes Sam promise; Sam agrees and Luna dies. Sam picks up Emma and continues to run away from the vampires coming after them. They arrive at Merlotte’s and find Lafayette protecting the bar. Emma tells Lafayette her mom died, and Lafayette takes her into the kitchen to cook her some food. Sam tells Lafayette that he has to pretend he never saw Sam and Emma that night.

Later that evening, the Governor of Louisiana holds a press conference to address the true blood shortages that are occurring throughout the world. He explains humans are being murdered because of the shortage and this will not be tolerated. He instills a vampire curfew for all of Louisiana and plans to shut down all businesses owned by vampires. Lastly, he encourages all humans to purchase guns and protect themselves.

Eric and those in the car with him listen to this press release over the radio. Nora feels guilty for helping cause the true blood shortages, and Jason excitedly agrees with the new rules the governor is imposing, causing friction inside the car. While everyone argues, Eric stops the car and asks everyone to leave except for Nora. Pam instantly gets jealous of Nora and mad that Eric never told her he has a sister. Eric yells at Pam and tells her there are bigger issues to deal with at the moment than her jealousy.

Once Eric and Nora are alone, Eric asks Nora about Bill’s transformation. Nora explains there is nothing in the vampire Bible that talks of a resurrection and thus she has no clue what Bill is. However she says they have to kill Bill because if he is Lilith reborn, he will bring destruction to vampires and humans alike.

Nora then approaches Jason and compels him to tell her what he knows about Warlow. Nora thinks that Warlow might be able to give some insight on Bill’s transformation because Warlow was Lilith’s prodigy. Jason only knows that Warlow is a vampire and killed their parents when Sookie and Jason were children. Once Jason realizes Nora is controlling his mind, he gets upset and nearly kills her. Everyone else arrives and tries to calm Jason down, but when Sookie defends Nora, Jason yells at her, upset she would defend a vampire and leaves the group.

Suddenly, Bill summons Jessica and her body is being forced to move to wherever he is. When Eric physically stops her from moving, Jessica begins to cough up blood and her chest feels like it will explode. Sookie convinces Eric to let Jessica go to Bill, and Eric agrees. Sookie leaves with Jessica to find Bill and Eric and Nora follow them.

While walking home, Jason is hitchhikes a ride back to Bon Temps. The driver is an old man who asks Jason to tell him some of Jason’s family history to pass time while they drive toward the town. Jason goes into great detail about his family history and especially about Sookie’s problems. He worries he was too hard on Sookie and that Warlow may come after her. The old man tells Jason he cannot save Sookie from Warlow, and then he revels himself to be Warlow. Jason tries to shoot him, but the man disappears and causes Jason to crash the car.

Meanwhile Sookie and Jessica arrive at Bill’s house. They follow a trail of bloody footprints towards the bedroom where they find a pile of red dust. The girls find Bill on the porch, looking like his old self. Eric and Nora suddenly fly in and try to fight Bill, but he easily fights them off. Before Bill kills Eric, Sookie stabs Bill in the heart but he doesn’t die. After taking the stake out, Bill explains he does not want to harm them but will not tolerate them fighting him. He explains he is still Bill Compton, but Sookie argues that Bill died back at the Authority. She says if Bill doesn’t mean any harm to any of them, he should leave Bon Temps and never come back. Jessica defends Bill and will not leave Bill’s side. Bill demands everyone to leave.

Pam and Tara arrive at Fangtasia. Pam is upset about her encounter with Eric and Tara doesn’t understand why Pam is so loyal to Eric, especially since Eric released Pam from their sire bond. Pam tells Tara she will never understand Pam and Eric’s relationship. Suddenly troopers arrive at the bar and force their way in. They intend to shut the bar down since vampires own it. Pam starts to sass the troopers, but they threaten to shoot her if she doesn’t back down. Tara tries to defend Pam but one of the troopers shoots her.

Sookie and Eric arrive at Sookie’s home. Eric goes inside and gives Sookie back the deed to her home. Sookie explains to Eric she wants to be like the girl he first met in Fangtasia; in order to do this she resends her offer to allow Eric in her house. Eric stays on Sookie’s porch to talk with Nora who was waiting outside. Nora can see that Eric is in love with Sookie, but Eric tells her not to talk about it.

At Bill’s home, he brings Jessica some true blood and when she spills the bottle Bill is able to stop it from falling mid-air. Scared by his new powers, Jessica explains how Bill nearly tore her apart when he summoned her. Bill tells her he knows he is very powerful but he doesn’t understand his power; he wants Jessica to stay with him so she can keep him honest. She agrees, then goes to sleep.

Later that night Bill hears a woman summoning him from within his house. He goes to his office and finds Lilith. Every corner Bill turns he sees her, and then suddenly she rushes at his body and absorbs herself into him.

And with that the first episode of the new season of True Blood ends! Other stories were addressed in the episode, such as Alcide officially becomes pack-master by eating the flesh of the former pack-master, and Andy Bellefleur’s fairy-babies grow up very quickly. But the highlight of the episode was clearly Bill’s transformation and what this means for Bon Temps.

Another highlight possibly was seeing Warlow for the first time; now that he is in Bon Temps will he go after Sookie? And if so, will Eric and Bill protect her? It is not clear where the main plot for this season is going, but it would be interesting if the season is set up to pit Billith and Warlow against one another, especially since Warlow seems like he is somehow involved in Lilith’s history.

Lastly, it is nice to see Sookie try to claim some independence. After multiple seasons of every man in Bon Temps falling in love with her, it will be a nice break for her to pine after someone for a change or simply ignore men all together. Hopefully this newly gained independence will allow Sookie to learn more about her fairy powers and her family’s history.