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‘True Blood’: S6 E2 Sneak Preview: Vamps vs. Humans

True Blood Season 6 Ep 2 Sneak Preview
True Blood Season 6 Ep 2 Sneak Preview
True Blood Season 6 Ep 2 Sneak Preview

Posted June 17, 2013 by

True Blood Season 6/Episode 2 “The Sun” will air next week, and we have a promo of what could be coming up.

In the next True Blood episode, Jason and Sookie discover a long lost relative who reveals himself. Does he help protect them, or expose them to evil? Also, Eric takes things into his own hands and stomps on the anti-vampire initiatives while Tara is being terrorized by a newly issued government weapon.

Sookie finds someone who also have fairy abilities and becomes attracted like a moth to a flame. Nicole, a supernatural-rights zealot drives Sam up the wall and to the moon while Alcide and Martha discuss Emma’s future with the pack. Billith, wonders how far his new abilities will go and learns he can walk in the sun light just like any other human being.

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Yes, the teaser is included for “The Sun” and we can only hint at what is happening in the upcoming season. The season opener had agents with lasers tagged on Tara and Pam, Vampires ruled to stay underground in the night time hours, the mayor is a totally dirtbag and Sookie has lost another love in her life.

Enjoy the teaser, Trubies!