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True Blood S6 E3 Sneak Preview: “You’re No Good”

True Blood S6 E3 Sneak Preview
True Blood S6 E3 Sneak Preview
True Blood S6 E3 Sneak Preview

Posted June 24, 2013 by

Episode two of True Blood was a lot to digest and raises many questions. What does Bill do to show initiative? What happens to Emma? What about Sookie? Do they get Warlow? It so far has been a head spinning time and with the season just starting, questions are being raised and no answers have been given.

But, it seems like the rules are changing for Bon Temps. Silver bullets with UV light in them making for a vampire to be in constant agonizing pain. Random strangers requesting all the supernatural to reveal themselves as it would be “better”. Bill, on the other, hand can see the future and what could happen to the entire vampire race.

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We can guess what will happen to the human versus vampire war or we can watch the episode three trailer.

Bill sees the future and gains a better insight to his God-like role, the fairies fight against Warlow, and the vampires must save themselves before they are all burned and dragged behind vehicles. Does Bill stop this before it really happens? Does the Bon Temps mayor make several advancements that can stop vampires from feeding off humans? The bullets and the special contact lenses are one step in the right direction for humans protecting themselves, but this mayor is just crazy.

Enjoy the sneak peak and we hope to hear your thoughts on what could happen in the upcoming episode.

True Blood airs Sunday nights at 9pm on HBO.


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