Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer Breakdown

Bran and White Walker
Bran and White Walker
Bran and White Walker

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0:00 – We pull into the deserted courtyard of Castle Black where the mutilated corpse of Jon Snow still lies. “He’s gone” Probably from Ser Davos by the sound of it.

0:09 – A solitary ship bearing a red sun on its sail brings devastating news from Dorne to King’s Landing. Jaime has failed Cersei’s mission and Myrcella did not survive the rescue from the Martells.

0:12 – “We’re the only ones who matter. And everything they’ve taken from us we’re going to take back and more” Jamie to Cersei. Her short hair does reinforce her diminished stature. But we’ll see that her fury has not waned.

0:18 – Davos, I think. It looks like the beginnings of a funeral pyre beneath his feet. Who is he preparing to mourne?

0:19 – The Boltons, Roose and Ramsay. Likely not long after they realize that both Reek and Sansa Stark have escaped Winterfell. How far will they go to get them back?

0:22 – A body blazing upside down across a Bolton crucifix with an indistinct army in the background.

0:25 – “The Great Victory I saw in the flames. All of it was a lie.” Melisandre. Perhaps a significant turning point for her character. Davos and Melisandre might be able to make a new ally out of each other to support a new King. If they don’t get too caught up blaming each other for the death of Stannis.

0:27 – Daario Naharis and Jorah Mormont follow the breadcrumb left by Daenerys before she was abducted by a new Dothraki Khalasar.

0:34 – Daenerys in a forced marched to some important Dothraki settlement it could be Vaes Dothrak judging by the huge stone horse statue or it could be some new location. Not since the House of the Undying have we seen Daenerys so isolated from her friends and allies.

0:40 – “Everyone of us is poor and powerless, yet we can overthrow an empire.” Nice transition narration from the High Sparrow. On the left frame it definitely looks like an armored pauldron belonging to a king’s guard.

0:44 – Looking closely at the banners on the right you can make out the kraken of House Greyjoy. This is more than likely the Ironborn Kingsmoot. I wonder how quickly they’ll establish that Balon has died, and how.

0:45 – Sansa Stark. Her expression would suggest some ease or sense of control perhaps. Hard to judge by the surroundings where this scene may be set.

0:48 – Tyrion. “You’re in the great game now and the great game is terrifying.” Who could this be spoken to? Will some new capable player emerge in Meereen?

0:50 – Drogon almost certainly. What will happen to him and his 2 imprisoned brothers after Daenerys is captured?

0:54 – “Order your man to step aside or there will be violence.” Lancel. Pretty much a formality whenever someone is offered the chance to avoid violence on Game of Thrones.

0:58 – One ominous shot of Ser Robert Strong before Cersei’s cool declaration. “I choose violence.” What a shocker. Who are the faithful trying to get at that they would threaten Ser Strong?

0:59 – This is interesting. This group drawing swords that we’re seeing from the flank is almost certainly the company of Ned Stark about to attack the Tower of Joy. Flashback. There’s a shot in the same location with similar garbed figures that corroborate this later in the trailer. Also the man in front has got a profile reminiscent of Ned.

This looks like it’s back at Castle Black and that’s definitely Alliser Thorne behind the guy with the axe. Who are they trying to bust in on? Jon Snow loyalists?

1:01 – King Tommen in the throne room with his king’s guard at his back. Looks pretty nervous.

1:02 – Cersei likely entering the very same room in the very same scene with Strong behind her, looking much less nervous.

1:03 – Horses. Not a good enough look at their riders or armor to identify.

And a few ships caught in a storm at sea.

1:04 – Arya takes a smack in the face from the Waif. Will she eventually be able to fight blind?

1:05 – Lord Petyr Baelish in a snowy wood. Hard to say where, could be somewhere around the Vale.

Definitely Margaery. She’s not taking her imprisonment any better than Cersei. We’ll see how the faith decides to handle her.

1:06 – A Mounted figure wheels a flaming ball into an attacker. Judging by that method I’d guess this scene is set North of the Wall, but it’s hard to tell if the victim is a wight or not.

1:07 – A row of archers launch a volley. The shot isn’t long or steady enough to identify the host by its banner but it looks like it’s set in the North.

1:08 – This is definitely the council chamber in the great pyramid of Meereen. What could be blowing the doors off so forcefully?

1:09 – Theon getting captured or recovered by the Greyjoys. This head dunking is probably going to be some ceremonial reaffirming of his loyalty.

Jaime and Cersei getting kinky. I guess it’s good to know those two still have their perverse love for each other.

1:10 – Brienne cuts down some (Bolton?) chump with her signature war face!

1:11 – A hand with a single ringed jewel comes to rest on an ornate hearth. Could be any number of characters.

The Hall of faces, from which Arya pilfered to get her personal revenge on Meryn Trant.

– Melisandre with her robe coming off. The most unusual thing about this scene is that she’s looking uneasy, or troubled. Whenever she’s flashed someone before she’s got her commanding seduction on full throttle but here she looks more vulnerable. This shot makes it unclear but that may be another character’s shoulder on the right. If so, who is Melisandre “opening up to” now?

1:13 – Jon Snow’s mangled body. Someone is closing his eyes. Who is any one’s guess. Are there any significant named characters left at Castle Black who this could likely be?

1:14 – This is a difficult one. It looks like it could be in Bravos so maybe it’s Arya taking a running leap into a street? On the other hand these kind of action antics have been seen before in Brandon’s dreams.

The patterns on the shields make this a Bolton host. It’s probably the Greyjoys their facing now that the Baratheon campaign is over.

1:15 – Probably the most freeze framed shot of this trailer. A lot of fans have decided that the lower face on the right belongs to Yara Greyjoy and I’d say I have to agree. Why shouldn’t she take a few salt wives for herself?

1:16 – I’ve really no clue who this is supposed to be. The heavy stone work might make me think the scene is at King’s Landing and that it could be an all new character.

Here’s that flashback shot I mentioned. Here the two foreground fighters with their backs to us are clearly in Northmen armor and the soldier with two swords clearly has the three-headed dragon emblem of House Targaryen across his chest. This scene is going to be about Ned Rescuing his sister Lyanna from the captive hands of Prince Rhaegar. Some detail about what transpired there will have to be important to the action now, otherwise why show this flashback scene at all?

Tormund is still around, still in trouble, still fierce.

1:17 – Fighting! Horses! Kicked up dirt!

1:18 – Margaery obviously gets to keep her hair. She’ll probably do a better job confessing to the High Sparrow than Cersei, and also I’m guessing the High Sparrow isn’t as interested in bringing down Margaery as he is Cersei.

Some children in a brick building, could be the House of Black and White. Is this a character’s perspective we are seeing? Are they washing a fresh corpse?

Arya is still blind and much bruised. Yet she still raises her head to address someone.

1:19 – Hard to say who’s host this is locking their spears at the steps of the Sept of Baelor. I’m going to guess it’s a Tyrell army. The circular points around their helms look almost floral and they would be interested in freeing Margaery.

Sansa sprints in the woods.

1:20 – Dothraki are not to be messed with on Horseback!

1:21 – Probably Wildlings.

HOLY $#!% SON! Brandon stands face to face with the Night’s King and you can even see another of the White Walkers on horseback behind him? The big question is, is this part of a vision or is Brandon really standing before our supernatural Big Bad?

1:30 – “I’ve never been much of a fighter. Apologies for what you’re about to see.” Davos stands before some brothers of the Night’s Watch and draws Jon Snow’s sword Long Claw from its scabbard. Other swords are drawn too. You can even see Ghost in the last shot. What does Davos mean?! What is he about to do?

I always ask for trailers and always after watching them I just want to know more! Why do I do this to myself!? Any details you spotted in the trailer that we missed? Are you getting psyched for April 24th yet? Let us know in the comments! Game of Thrones Season 6 returns to HBO Sundays.

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Michael Graff

Michael Graff