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Ready to Fight: An Epic Crimson Viper Cosplay!


Posted February 3, 2014 by

crimson-viper-cosplay-1Photography by OhHeyItsSK

She’s a proud mother and a butt kicking, money making machine. Clad in a specially designed Battle Suit manufactured and tested by S.I.N, the Crimson Viper has only one reason for entering the tournament and that’s to test the full capabilities of her suit. Designed for stealth and the ease of concealment, the Battle Suit looks to be just your average business suit but it is much more than that. Weapons are concealed within the gloves and the boots, and when the time comes, BOOM! K-O! You’re dead.

crimson-viper-cosplay-2Photography by SFDesign

American cosplayer, KO Cosplay reaches perfection with every cosplay she does. From Maya the Siren to Rayquaza, Domino, Yoko Littner and even her Crimson Viper, she has no shortage of talent to display. Her Crimson Viper cosplay is the focus here. Not only is the suit sexy and practical, it’s designed to kick the rear ends of her rivals Chun-Ali, Cammy and M. Bison. Above all, this cosplay is jaw droppingly awesome.

crimson-viper-cosplay-4Photography by Wage War

Photography by TheBigTog

View more of KO’s cosplay work at her Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantART pages!

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