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A Kick-ass Cosplay of Tekken’s Adorable Yet Feisty Fighter, Ling!


Posted January 9, 2014 by


Created in 1994, the Tekken games hold a very special place in the hearts of many gamers and cosplayers alike. It’s one of the many games we remember from our early days as a gamer and one that would see many renditions later on and continue to hold its permanent residency in our hearts. There are many characters in the games we loved playing as and many we loved to fight against. Even the femme fatales of the games whose aesthetics are cute, innocent and sexy but beneath the pleasing exterior is a martial arts goddess whom, given the opportunity, will kick. Your. Butt.


One of these is Ling Xiaoyu. She’s only 5 foot 2 and is well known for her child-like appearance, despite having an amazing fighting ability in contrast to the rest of the members of Tekken. Ling is well devoted and focused on making large executive decisions and believes that she is confident enough to undertake her dreams alone. In her early years, she was taught Chinese martial arts by her grandfather as an act of learning self-defence should the need arise.


Now let’s take a look at our Ling, as cosplayed by Ukrainian cosplayer, Alexia-Muller. She’s a talented cosplayer who well executes cosplays such as Hatsune Miku, Satana Hellstrom, Noctis, Kadaj, and not to forget little miss Ling Xiaoyu. As cute as she appears to be, this cosplay is definitely a kick-ass Tekken cosplay.



Photography by Timofey Khangin.


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