A Gorgeous Cosplay of League of Legends’ Snow Bunny Nidalee


Posted December 31, 2014 by


The popularity of League of Legends never ceases to end, especially since each Champion in the game has various different skins to choose from, making the character never get old.  During various holidays, Riot will release limited time skins that can only be purchased during that holiday season, and if you don’t snag it on time, well, better luck next year.  The Christmas season is one of those times, as various holiday and winter-themed skins are released for some of our favorite champions, including Slay Belle Katarina and Nidalee’s snowy skin, Snow Bunny Nidalee.

Winter also marks the perfect time to get cozy in some winter-themed cosplays.  Cosplayer Jessica Huard did just that as she evoked the bestial beauty, Nidalee, in her Snow Bunny skin cosplay.  Jessica takes Nidalee’s signature spear and white tribal markings and combines it with a new red and white color scheme to add that holiday feel.  This cosplay is totally epic, and a great way to honor the beauty of the winter season.

Photography by Vivid Vision



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