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“True Blood”: What Happens Next?

True Blood Season 6
True Blood Season 6
True Blood Season 6

Posted June 18, 2013 by

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead!

Season 6 of “True Blood” premiered last Sunday night and with many jaw-dropping moments, we have lingering questions in our heads of what in the hell happened. Many of us have the same questions or we have one that was not brought up, either way, let’s discuss what could possibly happen in the upcoming episode of “True Blood”.

Billith could either be gentle as a lamb or he could be a vicious monster ready to attack at any moment. We know that when he summoned Jessica, he was about to tear her limb from limb. I guess that guy does not know his own strengths. But then again, Lilith appeared in three different forms and emerged within him. Does this make him stronger than what we have seen in the season opener? Does he become the monster that we expect?

Norah mentions in the season opener that Lilith had a progeny to aide in her doings. Now that Billith has taken the reigns of the “Lilith” position, could Jessica become that progeny with Bill being her maker? Will the two wreak havoc on the town of Bon Temps, or all of Louisiana?

I think that Jessica and Bill will not be smoothed out in the course of one episode, but rather the entire season. What to expect next week on the other hand is another story. Bill is an entity all on his own and because of what he can do, he will sacrifice something so dear to him and it will strike a chord with us all next week. What Bill will do exactly? Not sure. We can only speculate as to what that could be. Maybe he will release Jessica and summon someone who could be of use. On the contrary, Jessica did dedicate herself to Bill with the season opener.

Sookie has dealt with many people in her life leaving. With Jason off for a run, he wants nothing to do with the dead, even Sookie as she has claimed the side of the Vampires. Needing to cool down, she feels like Bill has died inside. Could this be because he literally did die, but was reborn again of new blood?

Now back to Jason as he runs off trying to hitch a ride back home, an older fellow picks him up. Do you think it is Warlow? Well, it is but why do you think he is back now and not earlier when Russell Edgington was trying to break into the fairy encampment in the middle of the field? I do not think Warlow wanted all of them, just Sookie. But what does Sookie have that all the others do not? In the upcoming season, we can guess what abilities Sookie already has and one special one that will empower the rest. Perhaps with this human versus vampire bit has the town scared for their lives, so he is taking the advantage and showing his face when he can. Why do YOU think Warlow is just now showing up? Do you think Warlow showing up has something to do with Billith? Why? Why not?

He obviously knows who Sookie and Jason are, or else, why would he have picked Jason up? With a war of vampires and humans declared by the mayor of Bon Temps, Vampires are summoned underground and to never walk on earth in the moonlight. Why do you think this is? A guess would be that the Mayor wants to Vampires to quit feeding on the humans as there have been many lost. But also, he hopes that if he can get a Tru Blood supply going, the vampires can walk on the ground again. The main goal is to achieve greatness and become re-elected. Do you think he has something up his sleeve by starting this war amongst humans and vampires?

Andy Bellefleur is raising fairy kids all on his own and four of them at that. While Terry and Arlene are aiding in the raising of the children, he feels he cannot do this all by himself. He doesn’t have an opportunity to go out and play but then again, Arlene sits down and sets him straight. Do you think Andy is over reacting? In the upcoming episode, Andy will have late youth or early teens. Andy will get excited that in the coming weeks, his kids will all be in adulthood and they can go about and do their own thing. But there will be something that will bite him in the rear in the future? Perhaps, but that is later on in the season.

Eric Northman in the last season, released Pam and now, she is frightened at what could possibly happen. While Pam and Tara are tag-teaming, Eric feels the need to protect Sookie. Why could this be? Sookie has always been out of reach and in the arms of Bill Compton, but now that he has died in Sookie’s eyes, she has no one to turn too. Eric even feels obligation in giving her a means if it means leaving Bon Temps, but Bill will still find her because of her feeding off his blood. So Eric, being the gentleman, asks for a pen and paper, stabs himself and uses the blood to “sign” the house back over to Sookie. Could Eric be the new love in her life? But wait a minute? She revoked his invitation to her house? Perhaps she will find a new love until Eric wins her over.

Tara and Pam on the other hand have been getting close. We see them sharing a hot kiss in the season five finale and them getting semi-close this season six opener. The two will be on the verge of stress and need someone to turn to. With uncertainty of what the future may bring, the two turn to each other and hold each other’s hands through the war.

Could Eric find a way into Sookie’s arms by using his ability to tap into her emotions or will he go by the “if you love something enough, let it go?” I think Eric will be the gentleman and find a way into Sookie’s arms but with that being said, there is a lot of protecting that he needs to do to earn her trust. Even if Sookie wants to be the cute girl in the white dress, vampires, wolves and shifters roam the earth. Chances of everything being normal, are slim to none.

Luna, seeing as she shifted into a human for too long as Steve Newlin, she is deceased leaving Emma with no mom. Sam takes over as her guardian temporarily by bringing her into Merlotte’s. Do you think that Sam will be the one hiding and taking care of Emma? Do you think Sam will find a proper guardian for Emma? Predictions go to Sam keeping her, protecting and caring for her as one of his own because Luna did tell her to protect her.

Lafayette on the other hand, will have to channel his abilities in the upcoming episode to aid in Emma’s healing. Maybe he will come up with an appearance from Jesus? Do you think Lafayette will gain any closure for him being gone? Do you think that something bad will happen to him while he is channeling?

Granted this is just the season opener and many questions are being asked that could possibly pertain to the season or just the upcoming episode. So by all means, please chip in your thoughts on where the upcoming episode will go, with who and why!

Season 6 of “True Blood” airs Sunday nights at 9pm on HBO.

“True Blood” stars Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Joe Manganiello, Ryan Kwanten, Alexander Skarsgard, Sam Trammell, Chris Bauer, Rutina Wesley, Nelsan Ellis, Carrie Preston, and Jim Parrack.