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‘True Blood’ Season 6 Episode 7 Review: ‘In the Evening’

True Blood S6 Ep7 "In the Evening" Review
True Blood S6 Ep7 "In the Evening" Review
True Blood S6 Ep7 "In the Evening" Review

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True Blood makes a somber turn this week as another character dies and other characters accept their destinies. Let’s dive right into the recap.

Eric continues his escape out of the Camp. Disguised as a guard, he confirms with some Camp employees that the True Blood supply is contaminated with Hepatitis V before furthering his escape. He sends Willa to go and warn Pam not to drink True Blood as he continues to flee with the ailing Nora. The Camp is on alert because they realize Eric and Nora got out of their cell, and Jason runs with the guards pretending to help find Eric. Eric and Nora are able to slip under a truck and hold on to the truck as it leaves the Camp.

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Back inside, Willa finds Pam in her own cell. Pam is not too pleased to see Willa, but Willa explains Eric sent her to warm Pam not to drink the True Blood because it is contaminated with Hepatitis V. Willa tells Pam Nora is infected with virus and is dying. Clearly concerned, Pam advises Willa to keep the contamination a secret and to only warn Tara and Jessica about the True Blood. She explains that, if too many vampires find out about the True Blood and stop drinking it, the humans will know the vampires are aware they are being poisoned. Willa agrees and goes back to the female vampire population cell to find Tara and Jessica.

Eric brings Nora to Bill’s mansion. Eric explains he saw Sookie stab Bill and Bill did not die, thus Bill must be God or something else special, and asks for him to help save Nora. They take Nora to a bedroom and lay her down. Eric tells Bill to give Nora his blood, but Nora refuses it and says she would rather die than have Lilith’s blood in her. Eric protests but Bill argues it is her dying wish and they must respect that. Eric demands Bill to leave the two of them alone.

Sarah arrives at Governor Burrell’s mansion and notices there are not any cars parked outside. She walks to the backyard and finds Truman’s head and body. She kneels down to his severed head and kisses it as she proclaims Truman did not due in vain and she will continue his mission.

Sometime later a senator arrives at the Governor’s mansion and meets Sarah in the office. Sarah says they will continue implementing Truman’s vision and no one can know he is dead. She develops a plan to run the government without Truman and asks the senator to help her. The senator will vote on Truman’s behalf in the legislature and Sarah will control the Camp. In order to explain the Governor’s absence, they will tell the public that Governor Burrell has gone into hiding because his mansion was attacked. The senator agrees to Sarah’s plan and is impressed with her guile and ambition.

In the fairy realm, Sookie and Warlow lay naked on the ground after having sex. Sookie tells Warlow that just because she slept with him does not mean she will marry him. Suddenly, Sookie hears crying and realizes it is Arlene crying in the cemetery back in the human realm. She leaves Warlow, promising to come back for him, and goes back to the human realm to console Arlene. Sookie comforts Arlene as she becomes more and more distraught over Terry’s death. Sookie tells Arlene she must tell her children about Terry and that Sookie will be there for her throughout the entire process.

Back at the Camp, Jessica is brought to Jason. Surprised to find Jason inside the Camp, Jason tells Jessica he is going to get her out. He explains his heart will always love Jessica, but Jessica tells Jason he should not get her out because they live in a world where their relationship will always be complicated and it’s too dangerous for him. Jason protests, but Jessica says if he wants to help her, he should bring her the guy who refused to have sex with her. Jason agrees and leaves Jessica.

Sookie brings Arlene home to a house filled with family and friends. They all convince Arlene she needs to tell her children about Terry’s death. After Arlene leaves to go see her children, Layfayette tells everyone about the key Terry left for him. They all agree Layfayette should go see what’s in the safety deposit box before presenting it to Arlene. He and Sookie go to the bank and open the box. They find a letter inside addressed to Arlene, and read it to find Terry left a life insurance policy for Arlene that was created three days prior. They realize Terry planned his death.

Back at the Camp, Jason brings James to Jessica. She asks Jason for privacy because she wants to be alone with James. Once Jason leaves, she asks James why he refused to have sex with her even while being tortured. He explains he believes vampires have souls and do not have to be controlled. As punishment for not obeying the humans, James’ fang was split in two. Jessica is clearly touched by James’ humanity. She warns him that they will likely die soon in the Camp and tells him about the contaminated True Blood. James explains that, now that he will likely die, he wishes he had taken advantage of his immortality while outside the Camp. He then asks Jessica what she wishes she had done; she tells him she would like to make love to him because he is a good person and she has never had sex with a vampire before. James does not want to take advantage of her but Jessica insists it’s what she wants, and the two proceed to make love.

At Bill’s mansion, Eric asks Bill again for his blood. Bill hesitates and tells Eric about his visions, specifically about his vision of everyone dying in the white, circular room. Bill explains that his visions are coming true and that Eric will likely die in the Camp unless Eric helps him. Bill explains he needs Warlow’s blood in order to save everyone in the Camp, and agrees to give Nora his blood if Eric helps Bill get into the Camp; Eric agrees. They go upstairs and Bill feeds Nora his blood. Eric explains to Nora that they had to try and see if Bill’s blood will heal her, but it does not. Eric begs Bill to get Warlow’s blood and see if it will cure Nora. Nora explains Warlow’s blood will only let her walk in the sun and that it won’t cure her, but Eric insists and Bill leaves to find Warlow.

Sookie and Layfayette go back to Arlene’s home and find her drunk. Suddenly Bill arrives inside the home and everyone freaks out because he is in the daylight; Andy quickly sends his fairy daughter upstairs. Bill approaches Arlene and tells her he is sorry about Terry and that he was honored to consider Terry his kin. Arlene laughs because she thinks she is imagining this encounter, but then she realizes it is really happening and straightens up. Then Bill goes up to Andy and apologizes for what happened to his daughters. The two men shake hands, though it is clear Andy is only accepting Bill’s apology in order to protect everyone in the house. Bill asks Sookie if he can talk to her outside, and while outside Bill tells Sookie about the Camp and that her friends are inside. He explains there will be more bloodshed if she does not help him, and needs Warlow’s blood to save everyone. Sookie asks if Bill is threatening to hurt her friends if she does not bring Bill Warlow, and Bill answers by simply saying blood will be on both of their hands if Sookie does not help him.

Inside the Camp, Pam goes back to the therapist’s office. She refuses to feed, and explains to the therapist she is not hungry, but horny. She begins telling the therapist about her human past and her sexual knowledge. She explains she knows everything about human desire, and this is why her bar, Fangtasia, was so successful; she knows humans desire to be devoured and controlled by other animals. Pam is clearly trying to turn the therapist on and it works. When the therapist keeps asking her questions about her sexuality, Pam asks if he wants to get inside her head. When he answers yes, she says she will let him get inside her if he allows her into the general population of vampires. He agrees and Pam begins to kiss him.

Somewhere in the Camp, Sarah approaches Jason and tells him she has a secret. Jason is not interested in her secrets, but she disregards his comments and tells him Governor Burrell is dead. She then explains he no longer has any leverage on her, and has her guards stab him in the arm and throw him into the female camp. Once inside the female camp, all of the vampires instantly smell his blood and prepare to attack him. Tara jumps in front of Jason and protects him, but a superior vampire claims him as her own.

Back at Bill’s mansion, Eric is with Nora and prays to Godrick, asking him to use whatever power he might have to save Nora. Nora asks Eric if he remembers when they first met, and Eric cries as he says, “Of course.” We flashback to 17th century London when Eric found Nora; Eric is asked by the King to find his mistress, Nora, who is out working with those dying from the plague. The King explains if Eric brings Nora back to him, he will feed Eric as a reward. Eric agrees and searches the quarantined areas looking for Nora. He finds her on a bed dying from the plague, and tells Nora he is suppose to bring her back to the King. She says she does not want to see him and would rather die on her own terms. Eric sees courage in her, and picks her up to bring her to Godrick who can cure her and let her live fully and forever. We go back to present day and Nora explains they will end as they began, with Nora dying and Eric by her side. Eric goes to her side and hugs her as she dies, her body decomposing in his arms while he cries tears of blood. Eric looks up and finds Bill in the doorway, clearly disturbed by what he just witnessed.

And with that we end one of the most emotional episodes of True Blood to date. The werewolf and shifter storyline was also addressed this episode, but it did not contribute to the overall plot. Sam learned about Terry’s death from Layfayette and told Nicole he has to go back to Bon Temps. Nicole and Sam sleep together before her mother picks her up and he leaves to go home. Alcide goes back to his pack and tells the werewolves he killed Sam and Nicole. Rikki calls him out on his lie as she drags Nicole and her mother out, very much alive.

This week’s episode leaves us with many questions. What will Eric do now that his sister is dead? Will he be more determined to kill the humans for revenge or will he be upset that Bill did not get Warlow’s blood in time to save Nora? Will Sookie help Bill and bring Warlow to him? I can potentially see Warlow helping the vampires if Sookie agrees to marry him. If that is the case, what will Sookie do? Sacrifice her future and be with Warlow forever to save her vampire friends? And what will become of Bill? If he succeeds and saves the vampires, will he continue to be Lilith’s prophet? So many questions, and with only three episodes left we will likely see the answer to these questions soon.

A large portion of this week’s episode dealt with Terry’s death. For being a minor character, I think the writers did a great job to bring his story full circle and show us how his death affects everyone in Bon Temps. Sookie helping Arlene and Layfayette makes us remember that this show really is about the people of Bon Temps and how they live their daily lives. I also thought it was interesting to see Sookie had no idea about the Camp and that Tara and Jessica are imprisoned; she has been so involved with her own fairy drama and Warlow to realize what is happening. It makes perfect sense that she would not know about the Camp at this point in the story, but now with this knowledge perhaps all of our characters will come together to help the imprisoned vampires.

It was also heartbreaking to see Eric lose his sister who he clearly loved very much. We always knew he has emotions, but I cannot remember another scene in True Blood when a vampire was so upset by the death of one of their own. Nora was a really great character and it is sad to think she is gone, but this will likely make Eric more vengeful and determined to get Pam and Willa out of the Camp. Once again, we were treated to a fantastic episode of True Blood and I cannot wait to see how this season ends in the next few weeks!


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