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‘True Blood’ Season 6 Episode 4 Review: ‘At Last’

True Blood Season 6 Episode 4 Review "At Last"
True Blood Season 6 Episode 4 Review "At Last"
True Blood Season 6 Episode 4 Review "At Last"

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Posted July 8, 2013 by

Warning: Full spoilers ahead!

This week’s episode of True Blood brought our story significantly forward and also reminded us of why we initially fell in love with our heroine, Sookie Stackhouse. Four episodes into the season and it seems True Blood is back to its better form. Let’s get into our recap.

We begin the episode where we left off last week; Jason collapses and Sookie runs to her brother to help him just as Niall and Ben chase Warlow outside Sookie’s house. Ben leaves Niall to go help Jason, and Niall chases the intruder, who turns out to be Nora. Inside Sookie’s house, Sookie calls 911 and leaves her brother with Ben. Alone with Jason, Ben suddenly brings out his fangs, bites his wrist, and lets his blood drip into Jason’s mouth. Apparently Ben is part vampire, but he keeps this hidden from Sookie. A few moments later when Sookie comes back into the room, she finds Jason miraculously healed.

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Somewhere outside Sookie’s house, Niall zaps Nora with his fairy powers and stops her from running. He asks Nora how she knows about Warlow. Nora explains Warlow is in the vampire Bible and is said to be Lilith’s prodigy. She tells Niall Warlow is the only one who can kill Lilith. While talking, Nora smells Niall’s blood and notices his fairy scent. Nora’s fangs emerge to bite Niall and he uses his power again to fight her. Nora ends up in the middle of the road and is ambushed by the police.

Meanwhile, Alcide and his pack survey the damage they created after killing the humans from the Vampire Unity Society. They note Nicole is not among the bodies and assume she escaped. They also realize Emma was taken by Sam.

Sam, Emma and Nicole meet Layfayette somewhere in the woods with a car. They drive away, but as soon as they are far enough from the werewolves chasing them, Sam demands that Layfayette leave them. Sam does not want Layfayette to get any further involved in Sam’s mess. Layfayette protests, but Sam insists. Nicole also argues with Sam and tries to leave so she doesn’t cause him any more trouble, but Sam will not let her leave because she is injured and the werewolves are hunting her. Since Layfayette is leaving them with the car, Sam turns into a horse and transports Emma and Nicole to a save location.

Governor Burrell arrives at Ginger’s house looking for his daughter, Willa. The Governor’s team searches Ginger’s home and finds no one; they realize Eric and Willa escaped. Governor Burrell interrogates Ginger about Eric’s whereabouts, but Eric glamored her before he left and Ginger simply cries in fear to the Governor’s questions. Governor Burrell tells his men to take Ginger to the Camp.

Narrowly escaping the Governor and his men, Eric and Pam are tracking Tara and Willa. Pam sniffs out Tara from underground and commands her to tell them where she took Willa. Tara tries to refuse, but Eric frightens her into giving up the location. Eric tells Pam to meet him the following night as he leaves to go find Willa.

Back in Bon Temps, Terry is watching the news and has to turn it off when it shows footage of the war in Afghanistan. Andy’s girls laugh as they read Terry’s mind and remind him about how he killed Patrick. Terry gets upset and Andy takes his girls to bed. Once in bed, the girls suddenly grow into teenagers and decide to sneak out of the house. They steal Andy’s police car and leave, unbeknownst to them Bill and Jessica are spying on Andy and his daughters outside their house; Bill and Jessica follow the girls to a liquor store. Bill intends to kidnap the girls so he can begin having Professor Takahashi synthesize their blood. Jessica convinces Bill to let her compel the girls because she is less impulsive and more convincing.

Inside the store, the girls pick out some beer and try to convince the clerk to let them buy it without IDs. The clerk refuses, but Jessica appears and glamors the clerk into letting her buy the beer without her ID and tells the clerk to forget this incident ever happened. Jessica tricks the girls into coming with her to a party. The girls excitedly agree and leave with Jessica and Bill.

Back at Sookie’s house, Jason is doing pull-ups and tells Sookie he has never felt better in his whole life. Sookie smirks as she goes downstairs and finds blood on the floor. She picks up the blood and uses her powers to determine it is vampire blood. She then realizes the blood is Ben’s and he is part vampire.

In the bathroom, Ben helps give Jason a straightedge shave. Once Jason’s shave is finished, Ben has Jason shave him. When Jason accidently cuts Ben, Ben tells Jason to lick his blood from his neck. Jason proceeds to lick Ben’s blood, and suddenly Jason wakes up from a dream. He goes downstairs and finds his Grandpa Niall in the kitchen. Niall reads Jason’s mind and see Jason’s dream; Jason explains he has only has dreams like this when he drank vampire blood. Jason questions whether Ben could be both fairy and vampire, and Niall explains it is unheard of but not entirely impossible. After considering the possibility, Niall realizes Ben could be Warlow, and he and Jason leave the house to go looking for him.

At Bill’s mansion, one of Andy’s fairy daughters goes to Bill’s office. Bill attaches a machine to the girl’s wrist that takes her blood. After sending the girl away, Bill takes the machine filled with blood to an underground chamber in his mansion where he is keeping Professor Takahashi captive. Bill commands Professor Takahashi to synthesize the fairy blood, explaining the elements in the blood will save vampires. Professor Takahashi breaks down the fairy blood, but explains to Bill he cannot synthesize the blood because it breaks down too quickly outside the host.

Meanwhile, Eric finds Willa at the park Tara told him she would be. Eric questions why Willa did not try to run away, and she explains she wanted to talk to Eric and tell him she is one her side and she wants to help him. Eric asks if Willa really means what she says, and she says yes. Eric brings Willa to a cemetery and proceeds to turn her into a vampire. He bites her neck and drains almost all of her blood, but not before he lets her taste his blood. After tasting his blood, she dies.

The following day, Sookie goes to visit Ben. She finds him at his hotel and invites him over for dinner. She then calls Jason and leaves a message asking him to stay out of the house that night.

A few hours later, Jason and Niall search for Ben at his hotel. They find Ben in his room, and before they attack Niall explains to Jason that Ben is older than Niall and thus stronger so they will have only one chance to kill Ben. When they see Ben go into the shower, Jason and Niall enter the hotel room and prepare to attack. When they open the shower curtain Ben is not there. Ben emerges from behind them and brings down Niall; he then glamors Jason, telling him to forget he ever came to see Ben and to say goodbye to his grandpa. Once Jason leaves, Ben starts to drink Niall’s blood but keeps spitting it out.

That evening, Willa wakes up and is a vampire. Eric hires a donor to feed Willa, and after she feeds, she anxiously wants to stay out. Eric tells Willa to go home to her father to prove to him she is the same person. She protests and yells at Eric for taking her life; she is upset that Eric simply turned Willa into a vampire to spite her father. Eric calms her down and explains he has only ever turned two people into vampires, and thus the decision to turn Willa was heavily considered. He wants her to go to her father to make him understand vampires are not monsters and try to convince him to stop his persecution of vampires.

While waiting for Eric, Pam and Tara wonder the streets looking for food and try to be inconspicuous so that the police do not attack them. The two women argue about Willa’s fate and how they should feed. Pam wants to find a willing human to feed on but Tara does not want to feed on humans. Tara leaves Pam upset, and within seconds of leaving Pam is shot by the police.

At the Governor’s mansion, Sarah Newlin comes to Governor Burrell’s room as he consults his men about the whereabouts of his daughter. One of his guards knocks on the Governor’s door, and when he enters he explains that Willa is back home, but she had to be invited in. Willa enters the room and tells her dad she is a vampire. Speechless, Governor Burrell stares at his daughter in disbelief but explains he still loves her. Willa tells her father to stop persecuting her kind, but Sarah interrupts and tells Governor Burrell Willa is saying the words of the devil and needs to be sent to the Camp.

At a remote hotel, Sam puts Emma to bed and starts talking with Nicole about the recent events. Nicole is upset her family and friends were murdered and recalls the sounds of their screams. Sam tells Nicole about how Luna died in his arms. After talking, Sam and Nicole kiss.

Outside of Bon Temps, Ben takes Niall out from the inside of his car trunk. Ben makes Niall drink some of his blood, and proceeds to tell Niall his family history. He explains he was a fairy but was turned into a vampire thousands of years ago. In order to save his family line, Ben saved Niall when Niall was born. Ben explains to Niall he will not kill him, and opens the portal Ben initially came through and pushes Niall into it.

Meanwhile, Sookie prepares a meal for Ben and poisons it with colloidal silver.

Ben arrives to Sookie’s home late and brings her flowers to apologize. He eats alone as Sookie watches, explaining Sookie’s mother always enjoyed watching people eat her food. Sookie begins to tell Ben about Bill and how he hurt her. She explains she never wants to feel betrayed again, then asks Ben what it is about Sookie that he wants. Ben explains he wants to be with someone who truly understands him.

Outside the liquor store, Andy and Jason are looking for Andy’s daughter and interrogate the store clerk who sold them the beer. They know the girls were at the store because Andy’s police car was left outside. The clerk claims he does not remember anything from the night before. Jason suggests the clerk was glamored by a vampire. Andy asks Jason if vampires can sense fairies, and Jason says yes. Andy instantly realizes where the girls are and leaves.

At Bill’s mansion, Andy’s daughters begin to question why they are staying at Bill’s and insist on going home. Jessica pleads with them to stay, but they ignore her and proceed to leave. Jessica stops them and becomes overwhelmed with their scent. She cannot resist the scent and bites one of them.

The episode ends at Sookie’s house. She and Ben are sitting on her couch, and begin to kiss. As the two start taking their clothes off, Sookie starts charging her fairy powers in her hands and tells Ben to get off her and calls him Warlow.

Finally we see Sookie take matters into her own hands and deal with Warlow herself. It is nice to see Sookie independent and not weighed down by her feelings for a man. She is taking care of herself and not harming anyone else in the process. This is very refreshing to see. It seems Warlow is more mysterious than previous thought and he may not be the villain we thought he was. Why did he save Grandpa Niall hundreds of years ago and why is he still after Sookie? Is Warlow really going to help the vampires kill Lilith? There are still so many questions, but it is nice to see Warlow revealed and that he has some substance as a character.

The most disturbing part of the episode was Bill’s mission to get fairy blood and his kidnapping Andy’s daughters for their blood. Finally Andy’s story is intertwined into one of the main plots and seeing his panic as he search for his daughters really shows how his character has grown over the seasons. Hopefully Jessica did not kill the girls and someone can save them, but it is not looking too great for the teenage fairies. If the girls are truly dead, where will Bill get more fair blood and what will Andy and Jason do to Bill?

While this season of True Blood is moving rather slowly, it is nice to see the writers are not getting over zealous with the plots this season. In seasons past, the plots of True Blood tend to get too large and unbelievable at this point in the season; thankfully that does not appear to be the case this year. Our only wish is that the Pam/Tara storyline move forward a bit more and that the werewolf story become more in sync with the overall plot. Regardless, the human versus vampire plot and Lilith/Warlow stories are compelling thus far and hopefully will continue to keep our attention the rest of the season.


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