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‘True Blood’ S6 E9 Sneak Preview: ‘Life Matters’

True Blood Season S6 Ep9 Sneak Preview: "Life Matters"
True Blood Season S6 Ep9 Sneak Preview: "Life Matters"
True Blood Season S6 Ep9 Sneak Preview: "Life Matters"

Posted August 6, 2013 by

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

With only two episodes left in this season of True Blood, the moments that we are anxiously awaiting have got to show themselves soon. It would only make sense to know if all the vampires are saved from the vamp camp, and also if it will become public knowledge that our mayor no longer exists?

The “Life Matters” promo contains so many awesome moments, we do not even know where to begin.

Bill and Sookie do not get along, and it is causing serious tensions between the two. Sookie does not want to give Warlow to Bill, while Bill needs Warlow to free the rest of the vampires, all the while feeling the pull of Lillith’s sirens.

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Warlow loves Sookie. Will that make Bill jealous? Episode eight had some great moments including Warlow proposing to Sookie and, as the ultimatum stands, Sookie has some serious things to consider.

Jessica found light at the end of the tunnel with her vamp lover, James, but their impending death lurks just around the corner. Tru-Blood was dispersed to the prisoners, meaning the wait for the Hep-V epidemic begins.

As for Sam and Alcide, the two had a brief reconciliation but what does the future hold for both the wolf pack and the shifters?

Eric returns to the vamp camp to take down as many humans as possible,while Bill goes after Eric. It seems that Pam is going hog wild on another human and, as for the rest of the vampires, they could be feeling a little cabin feverish.

Here is the promo video for season six, episode nine of True Blood. Enjoy the preview, and let us know what you hope to see happen in the last two episodes.