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New Bravely Default Trailer Gives Insight on Job Classes


Posted January 14, 2014 by


The latest released trailer for Bravely Default gives further detail on the classes with in the game including white mages, monks, and a few others. Monks are seen as a “high-HP fighter” relying on their fists to take down enemies. White mages can be used for healing, and support in the form of magic, while their counterpart Black Mages use black magic against enemies. Another class that was detailed for players was the summoner class – one that allows players to call “otherwordly beings”, as well as the thief class. All in all, Bravely Default will have a total of twenty-four classes that gamers will be able to customize to their liking in order to get their party up to their own standards.

Bravely Default is set to launch on February 7th for 3DS in North America. Earlier this month, a demo for the title was released. For more details on each of the classes, take a look at the video below.



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