This Cosplay Proves Naga the White Serpent is the Definition of Sexy


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Meet Naga the White Serpent, a great sorceress with a sexy flair. Her iconic outfit is from her deceased mother’s closet and is a symbol of the beginning of her journey as a sorceress. Naga and sorceress Lina Inverse have a strained, but generally cooperative relationship as peers (when it suits Naga to be partners).

Despite Naga’s “evil-sorceress” appearance, she is actually incredibly gifted in white magic. She is proficient in healing spells, golem-forming, and dragon-conjuring spells. Naga’s royal heritage and aptitude for shamanistic and white magic spells would lead one to think that she is the stereotypical pure, heart-of-gold character. Instead, she is the egotistical, hot-headed, gluttonous woman. She often gets herself and Lina into trouble because of her abrasive personality.


Lady Narven, a beautiful cosplayer from the Ukraine, portrays Naga the White Serpent in this killer cosplay. Narven has a stunning collection of anime cosplays that she has made for herself as well as a slew of commissioned pieces for fellow cosplayers. If you are a fan of beautiful anime, then you will surely love this epic cosplayer!

Photography by Alexander Sword.



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Written by Guest Contributor: CaydenVierra

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