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The Innocent Princess Peach Gets Whole New Demeanor in Alluring Cosplay


Posted March 17, 2015 by


Princess Peach is beloved in the gaming industry, being the ever-fawned after damsel in Nintendo’s Mario franchise.  While Princess Peach is most often getting kidnapped by Bowser, in her free time she can also be seen racing in Mario Kart of battling it out with her friends in Super Smash Bros.  Regardless of what game you see her in, she always encompasses a poised, dainty, innocent personality.  But what would it be like if Princess Peach was a bit more sexy?  Cosplayer MolecularAgatha shows us just what that would look like in this gorgeous “Summer Peach” cosplay!


For her cosplay, Agatha chose to rid of the heavy pink dress and instead wear something a bit more comfy.  Like a true princess, however, Princess Peach’s signature gold crown remains intact, and in one image you can even see Tanooki Mario and the gang to add a bit of that signature Nintendo feel that really places the cherry on top of these gorgeous images.  Be sure to visit MolecularAgatha’s Facebook page to see even more beautiful cosplays.



Photography by William Brenes Photography





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