Seductive and Ruthless: A BloodRayne Cosplay


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BloodRayne is a horror video game about slaying vampires. Rayne is a dhampir, which is a human/vampire hybrid. She’s on the search for her father and she destroys any vampire that gets in her way. He has done terrible things to her and her loved ones and she is looking to kill him to avenge her family. Although she has some vampire blood, she is an agent of the Brimstone Society, a society determined to get rid of vampires. She has many assignments throughout the game to rid the world of supernatural threats, and each of these assignments prepare her for an encounter with the man she has been searching for: her father.


This cosplay of BloodRayne by Ardat Lail is awesome, to say the least. She is beautiful and confident, but ruthless and strong-willed, just like the character. Everything from her red hair to her outfit is daunting and powerful. We wouldn’t recommend crossing her path! The way she portrays BloodRayne, physically and mentally, is what makes this one of our favorite cosplays.



Photography by Bezzubkine.



Written by Guest Contributor: WonderflexWoman

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Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor