My Little Pony Fans Rejoice from this Rainbow Dash Cosplay!


Posted July 29, 2014 by

rainbow-dash-cosplay-1Photography by BlueBlack Diamond

My Little Pony is easily one of the largest fandoms in existence right now.  Their fanbase is definitely not limited to only a specific group of people; rather, people of all ages seem to be completely in love with the series’ ponies who praise friendship and loyalty above all.  One of the most beloved characters is Rainbow Dash, the white pony with rainbow-streaked, flowy hair.


We have seen many Rainbow Dash cosplays, especially in the past year.  Rainbow Dash is colorful, spunky, and adorable, making cosplayers anxious to evoke this lovable pony themselves.  Cosplayer Haruhiism cosplays Rainbow Dash to perfection, creating jaw-dropping images that proove that My Little Pony isn’t just for children.  This cosplay is totally epic and is sure to make fans of My Little Pony everywhere proud.

rainbow-dash-cosplay-3 rainbow-dash-cosplay-4Photography by greencat

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