Cosplay Photographers Spotlight: ATC’s Own Vivid Vision


Posted November 17, 2014 by

vivid-vision-1Cosplayer: Holly Wolf

All That’s Cosplay has had some recent additions to the team including the incredibly talented Vicky Lau aka Vivid Vision. Vicky cosplays, but she also is an epic photographer! You may recognize her from her recent collaboration with the Battle Disney Princesses and Battle Sailor Scouts as both cosplayer and photographer.

vivid-vision-4Cosplayer: Lindsay Elyse

Vicky has experience as photographer in the fashion industry, family portraits, food, products, and the cosplay community. She has photographed the Western Canada Fashion Week and other events. Most recently Vicky took photos of the Battle Armor girls including Jessica Nigri, Andy Rae, Gladzy Kei, Andy Roh, and more. Each of her images are breathtakingly beautiful and magical.

vivid-vision-3Cosplayer: Yaya Han

Go check out more of Vicky’s amazing photography work and stick around to check out her epic cosplays as well! She is an enormously talented individual in everything that she does. We are lucky and happy to have her as part of our All That’s Cosplay team!

vivid-vision-2Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri

vivid-vision-5 Cosplayer: Caroline Dawe

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