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This Cosplay of Elfen Lied’s Lucy Unleashes its Deadly Vectors


Posted December 9, 2013 by


What if the human race was forever changed by the rapid evolution on a newly evolved species? In the mindbending series Elfen Lied, that is exactly what happens. While there are great animes and mangas out there that have been running for years, Elfen Lied is certainly not one of them. That’s right; you can pop a fresh bowl of popcorn and enjoy a batch of freshly baked cookies, while spending an afternoon watching all thirteen episodes. Elfen Lied proves that a good anime doesn’t have to run for 130 plus episodes in order to be amazing!


For those of you who have yet to discover just how epic Elfen Lied is, we highly suggest that you dedicate a day to having a marathon with your best pal so that you can share your thoughts together on how amazing Kaede, aka Lucky and Nyu, is. Queen of the newly evolved species known as the Diclonius, poor Kaede has definitely experienced her fair share of pain and turmoil. However, while she may seem adorably sweet with her long pink hair and big bright eyes, you would not want to back her into a corner unless you had a death wish. With vector abilities that make her attacks seem as if they came out of nowhere, young Lucy is not like other girls her age.


Italian cosplayer, Miss Alice Monster has done an impeccable job capturing the very essence of what it is like to live in the footsteps of Lucy. Wearing the remains of her torturous helmet on one side of her head, it is almost hard to see her adorable boned cat ears that are often mistaken for demonic horns. With blood splattered from head to toe, Miss Alice Monster has truly embodied what Lucy’s killer instinct can look like when she is forced to expel a fit of rage against those who have rejected her race. So what are you waiting for? Don’t reject this adorable Diclonius! Spend the day discovering just what it takes to walk in the footsteps of an outcast who just wishes to find peace in life.


Photography by Alessio Buzi.

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