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Barbara Gordon as Batgirl is a Hit in This Amazing Cosplay

Barbara Gordon Batgirl Cosplay
Barbara Gordon Batgirl Cosplay
Barbara Gordon Batgirl Cosplay

Posted May 1, 2015 by

The Batman hype is all too real right now and Batman Vs. Superman is probably partially to blame. Of course, you have your fans who have been with Batman and the franchise since the beginning — their love for the DC Comics hero only being reignited with the trailer release. While there have been a handful of actor changes within the movies, the same can be said for Batman’s sidekicks in the comics. There have been multiple Robins, and the same can be said for Batgirls — though not all are quite as impressive as Barbara Gordon. If the last name sounds familiar, that’s because Barbara is the daughter of James Gordon, Gotham’s police commissioner.

Of course, the woman is much more than her name being versed in martial arts, having quite the brilliant mind, and being a detective all her own. More importantly, Barbara Gordon made her Batgirl appearance in 1967, kicking butt alongside Batman until 1988 — when Joker paralyzed her in order to drive her father insane and show Batman that anyone can lose their morality.

Batgirl Cosplay Barbara Gordon VersionPhotography by Eurobeat Kasumi

Though during her time as Batgirl, Barbara Gordon became one of the most highly regarded characters to appear in the Silver Age of Comic Books, and received high praise in her appearances in the Modern Age of Comic Books as well. And why wouldn’t she be popular? The woman is brains and beauty, being able to take down her foes physically before she was forced to take them down with her mind.

Being that Batgirl has been so popular, cosplayers have taken to dressing up as Barbara Gordon throughout the years. Of course, some cosplayers are able to do a grander job than others, and in the top ranks is Holly Brooke. Her rendition of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl is absolutely stunning and brings the comic book character to life.

Barbara Gordon Batgirl CostumePhotography by Francous



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