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All That’s Gaming: Your Epic Buyer’s Guide to What’s New This Week


Posted January 21, 2014 by


This week’s list of releases may be short in stature, but it sure knows how to pack a punch. First up on our list, is the Steam release of Insurgency. In this follow-up game to the previous Source mod, Insurgency drops players right in the middle of the war zone. This shooter requires players to rely heavily on tactics, and must stealthily reach their objective. Insurgency features a vast variety of different modes for you to dive into–all objective based. Within the game’s ‘VIP’ mode, players must escort a member of their insurgency to an extraction point, but, the tricky part is that each and every player only has one life per round. Besides the more creative modes, there’s also modes like your classic ‘Strike’ mode, where players must find and destroy their enemy team’s weapon drops. So, what do you say? Will you enlist into the Insurgency?

Next up on our list is Olli Olli. This retro looking skateboard title has more than just a few tricks up its deck. With a game that asks you to master over 120 different tricks, it can’t be a walk in the park. Put aside the moves, there’s also 50 different specially designed levels, and 250 challenges. Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more, there is–when you complete all the challenges, you’ll unlock RAD Mode. In RAD Mode, it only allows players to complete the most perfect grinds and lands. Olli Olli is an addictive, yet refreshing one-life experience, that will be sure to hook you instantaneously.

As for the rest of the releases, check out the complete list below!



Tuesday, 21st

  • Lucifer Ring
  • Olli Olli


  • Nothing this week!


Monday, 20th

  • Kickbeat Steam Edition
  • Insurgency

Nintendo eShop

  • Nothing this week!


  • Nothing this week!


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