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Nintendo Press Report: Disney Magical World Releasing for 3DS on April 11th


Posted January 10, 2014 by


Nintendo released a press report recently focusing on how well the 3DS did this past year. A new game was mentioned in the report. Disney Magical World!  It’s pretty much a guarantee that once you have this game you won’t need to go to Disney World anymore. It’s going to be a 3DS game focused on none other than Disney characters in Disney themed worlds. You’ll be customizing your characters with all sorts of Disney related outfits and items, as well as doing simulation-game activities such as planting crops, managing stores, collecting collectibles, and helping characters with problems.

The official description in the report reads:

“Disney Magical World is a new game featuring dozens of Disney characters in a variety of Disney-themed worlds,” reads Nintendo’s description. “Players can customize their characters with hundreds of Disney-themed outfits and accessories, all while managing a café, planting crops and collecting Disney character cards. Players help different characters solve problems or find missing items.”

Could this be Disney World Tycoon?! Surely not.

When can you expect this game? The report says it’ll be released on the 3DS eShop and in retail stores on April 11th. Since we don’t know much yet, expect further coverage on the game between now and April.


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