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On bubbly blonde Juliet Starling’s 18th birthday all hell breaks loose when a zombie virus starts to overrun her hometown. However, Juliet happens to be more than she seems. Actually a trained, chainsaw-wielding zombie hunter she uses her skills and smarts to survive the outbreak. Juliet discovers that an evil Goth boy named Swan has caused the outbreak by releasing a portal between our world of the living and The Rotten World. The plot of the highly-popular video game Lollipop Chainsaw is as crazy and zany as the game itself. The action takes place in a dark world with a bubblegum-pink cheerleader as its protagonist. With her determination and skills, Juliet can save the ones she loves and still have that birthday celebration after all, depending on the player’s choices throughout the game.

The stark contrast between the evil, zombie overrun world around her and Juliet’s bubbly, bright energy help make Lollipop Chainsaw (I mean, just look at the name) an extremely fun and unique game. Juliet’s cute personality and cheer outfit mixed with her strength and lack of fear at the chaos around her make her a complex and fun character to play. The same can be said of cosplaying her, as one of the most easily recognized cosplays in the world was of famous cosplayer Jessica Nigri portraying Juliet for the first time ever for press during the game’s release.


One such stunning interpretation of Juliet is seen here by talented cosplayer Miss Snape. Literally laying in a bed of colorful candy, twirling her blonde pigtails, Miss Snape perfectly captures Juliet’s sweet personality with just a sly smile. With a spot-on cosplay that is sexy without being too over the top, Miss Snape’s portrayal is as good as they come. Juliet will always be a heavily cosplayed character due to her incredibly cute look and personality and because, well, let’s face it, who doesn’t dream of being a zombie-killing cheerleader?

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Written by Guest Contributor: Kota Lee



Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor