Editor’s Pick of the Week: Chubear’s Stunning Lich Queen Elsa Cosplay


Posted December 12, 2014 by


At All That’s Epic and All That’s Cosplay, we absolutely love crossover cosplays.  Crossover cosplays often incorporate two of our favorite franchises into one, unique cosplay filled with epicness.  That’s why when I came across Chubear Cosplay’s Lich Queen Elsa cosplay, I was blown away.  She combined World of Warcraft’s icy Lich King with the equally frosty Elsa from Frozen to create a cosplay that is absolute perfection.

Chubear evokes the Lich King by equipping his battle armor and iconic headpiece, while adding a bit of Elsa flair with flowing dress and snowflake hair accessories.  To make this cosplay even more incredible, Chubear partnered up with talented photographers, Darshelle Stevens and Saffels Photography, to create cosplay images that are jaw-drop worthy.


It is obvious that Chubear put a lot of time, effort, and creativity into her Lich Queen Elsa cosplay, making her highly deserving of this week’s Editor’s Pick.  Be sure to see more of Chubear’s amazing cosplay work by visiting her Facebook page.



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