A Sexy Ewok Cosplay to Make Star Wars Fans Rejoice


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“Those furballs are pretty fearsome warriors, despite their size”, said friend of Han Solo, Col Serra. Ewoks were a sentient and diminutive race of furry bipeds native to the forest moon of Endor. They were also most notable for helping the Rebel Alliance defeat the Galactic Empires forces at the Battle of Endor, thus allowing the shield generator there to be blown to smithereens, and in turn, the second Death Star. They also use a very primitive dialect and according to C-3PO, believe he is some kind of god.


Ewoks were curious individuals standing no higher than one meter tall. They were omnivorous and extremely skilled in using spears, slings and knives. Hang gliders, battle wagons and bordoks were their main methods of transport. While being adept in the areas of forest survival and primitive technology constructs, Ewoks were yet to progress beyond their archaic stone-level technology when they were discovered by the Empire.


If anyone can pull of an Ewok cosplay as cute and as gorgeous as this, it is well-known cosplayer, artist and YouTuber, Heather1337. Heather1337’s cosplay portfolio includes characters from the Marvel and DC universe and quite a few from George Lucas’ sci-fi masterpiece, Star Wars. The raw-cut fur, the stick and those cute little ears capture the archaic and sentient animalistic but also very super cute race of the Ewoks. This is a cosplay as epic as the films themselves.

ewok-cosplay-3Photography by David Love




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