This Elizabeth Cosplay Takes You to Another World

elizabeth-cosplay-1Photography by Joseph Chi Lin

Elizabeth in the video game BioShock Infinite is a sweet girl who has suffered due to her horrible father, upbringing, and lot in life. She gets stronger though, fighting enemies and helping her mysterious partner, Booker Dewitt. Of course, in normal Bioshock style, many twists and turns happen, creating more of the epic storyline. In the DLC to BioShock Infinite called Burial at Sea, Elizabeth becomes much harsher and colder. She takes on a whole new look, making her more mature and sexy. Burial at Sea comes in two parts, both showing the darker side of the sweet girl we had all grown to know and love.

elizabeth-cosplay-2Photography by AshB images

This cosplay by April Gloria is amazing. She looks just like the character, Elizabeth, herself. The hair, the outfit, everything shows anyone that she is in love with not only the art of cosplay but the BioShock games themselves. April Gloria looks like she came right from the city of Rapture, and out of the screen. This cosplay gets an A plus!

elizabeth-cosplay-4Photography by Casey Greseth





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