Epic Horror Cosplay: Resident Evil’s Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy!

The vixen of the Resident Evil world and former Raccoon City Police Officer, Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy have a cat and mouse style relationship. Since meeting Kennedy whilst undertaking research at the Raccoon City Police Department, they’ve managed to run through sewers and alleys in a zombie-infested city, managed to get Leon by another Umbrella Corporation scientist, and save each other’s lives in the process. However, that isn’t quite the beginning of their shenanigans in Raccoon City.

Leon successfully defeated Annette Birkin, a mutated scientist of the Umbrella Corporation and then after managing to get shot, was saved again by Ada who handed him a rocket launcher. Surely, that sounds like a typical day and perfect first date in Raccoon City in 1998.  Fast forward to the present. Their relationship is still very much a game of cat and mouse like it always has been. Ada’s watched the birthing of her doppelgänger, Helena Harper lose her mutated sister as she falls to her death, and if that wasn’t enough, they escaped a giant horde of undead and destroyed a fleet of helicopters controlled by J’avo.


Spanish cosplayers Ae-chain and Mike Valo make up the talented cosplay duo, AeMi Cosplay. Take one look at their Resident Evil cosplay and you will be amazed at how they have brought Ada and Leon to life; it is almost like they have stepped right out of the game. As Samwise Gamgee quoted in Fellowship of the Ring, “that’s an eye opener and no mistake”.

Ae-Chan and Mike Valo look every millimetre the red-clad secret agent and the former police officer of Raccoon City Police Department. From head to toe, these two cosplays are fantastically executed and in the photos, they portray Ada and Leon very well. They certainly have not gone Wong with this cosplay!




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