Printable 3D Darth Vader Face Mask Gives Protection With Style

May the Force of 3M be with you!

Darth Vader Printable 3D Face Mask

I never thought that I would be living in a time where the value of a face mask would be worth its weight in gold and silver. People all over the world have been scrambling in order to obtain as many face masks as possible, and technology is here to help pick up the slack. Seamstresses and sewers united all over America to provide hand-made masks for the public; my significant other hand-stitched several masks to donate to our local veterinarian clinic so that they can donate theirs in-turn to front-line medical workers.

Obviously, I couldn’t be late for this party…if not purely for my own safety. However, when I was first looking online for face masks, being the creative sort, I didn’t really want to just default to the bland face masks that everyone else was wearing. I never really went for the “surgical” look when preparing my daily wardrobe, and being somewhat of a techie and sci-fi nerd I could do with a bit of personality in my personal protective equipment. Enter my faithful 3-D printer and my beloved Star Wars franchise to provide me with the solution!

There exists the perfect pattern for any old-school or new-school Star Wars fan looking to make sure they stay safe during what feels like could be a 21st-century apocalypse: Darth Vader’s face mask. The irony of the situation that Darth Vader uses this mask in order to breathe the air around him isn’t lost on me; I’ll be channeling my inner Sith Lord for some time into the foreseeable future. The design instructions say that it isn’t something to rely on predominantly in place of a 3M mask, but that it can prevent splatter and spillage while also being compatible with other replaceable filters. There are two versions of the mask that can be printed in just a few short minutes with your 3-D printer; I suggest going with the latest version as it conforms best to the face during long-term wear.

The US Center for Disease Control is now suggesting that all Americans wear masks when leaving the home. Given that we all need to become comfortable with this new reality, having the opportunity to provide oneself with a bit of humor and personality is what proves that the light of humanity still shines through. During these times of darkness, fighting the invisible virus with the hand of the Force has never seemed more fitting!

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