RWBY Volume 3 Chapter 2: New Challenges

RWBY Volume 3, Chapter 2: New Challengers Review

Nora Valkyrie is Queen. Why? Because she can benchpress ten of herself, and throws pink grenades in the shapes of heart at enemies. She is also the source of raw power on Team JNPR. If Team RWBY’s fallback is to throw Yang directly at the problem, then Team JNPR’s solution is to have Nora hit the problem with her hammer. This episode we learned that Nora has the ability to produce and conduct electricity to her muscles which gives her insane strength. That not only answers how such a small, bubbly girl can knock people sky high, but also fits nicely into her character inspiration being Thor.

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Of course she was only a factor in Team JNPR winning their fight. Pyrrha is amazingly talented at taking on multiple opponents, Jaune is a truly great leader, and Ren is quick on his feet and great with communication. It is so great to see these characters in action after so long, epsecially working so well together. You can really see progress in their fighting from Volume One up to now.

After Team JNPR conquers their foes, it is time for Team SSSN (pronounced “sun”) to take on Team NDGO (“indigo”). Team NDGO is actually inspired by a group of fans who back Rooster Teeth’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for their feature film Lazer Team, which will be in theaters January 2016. This group of friends, who also form the group Event Horizon Cosplay, voiced their characters and are listed under “Team NDGO Character Consultant” in the credits. Rooster Teeth is always thankful for the support the community provides, and as a fan to see something like Team NDGO is really amazing.

But Team NDGO gets is butt kicked pretty hard by Team SSSN, so we might not be seeing them again. Which is a shame, because I really want to see more of this second all-girl team. Their weapons were amazing, especially Gwen’s knives hidden in her skirt. Hopefully they’ll pop up again in a fight down the road!

What I am wondering about this episode is how Cinder’s Faction comes into play. Though they do not appear, it was mentioned last episode that they knew the outcomes of the fights. But it does not appear that anyone is intentionally losing. Could it be that Cinder has the arena rigged so environments convenient to a certain team are chosen? After all, Team JNPR got a stormy mountain range in their fight, allowing Nora to charge up some major attacks. And with Team SSSN the water environment made it easy for Neptune to take out Team NDGO with his electricty-based weapon. But who knows?

One thing I am really looking forward to next episode is the fight between Winter Schnee and Uncle Qrow. We do not know why they hate one another, but when a drunk Qrow sees Winter’s airship he makes the comment that a fight with her is why he is here. I wonder what these too characters will do when they realize their family is working on a team together? And, as Ruby puts it, are “BFFs”?

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