RWBY Volume 3 Chapter 8

RWBY Volume 3 Chapter 8 “Destiny” Review

“The sad truth is, whether is was an accident or an assault, it doesn’t matter. The world saw you attack an innocent student; they’ve already drawn their own conclusions.”

This statement from General Ironwood voiced the concerns fans had made immediately after “Fall.” When people saw Yang attack Mercury they immediately demonized her, and no matter what is revealed later on the public will never trust her again. The only upside to the situation is that Yang was not immediately thrown in jail for her actions, but was simply disqualified from the competition. Still, Yang has to live questioning herself about what happened. And no matter how strongly she believes in what she saw, she may never be able to prove to others that she is not entirely insane.

Also, can I point out that Qrow calls Mercury a “helpless kid,” which raises some questions. Last episode we saw Qrow confront Mercury, Emerald, and Cinder when they attacked the Fall Maiden. They know exactly who he is, so why does Qrow not remember them? You can always throw around an excuse of “he was probably drunk at the time,” but Qrow has proven himself to be a capable hunter. I would like to believe that his self-medication does not stand between him and a job well done. No matter how flippant he may be when it comes to communication, he is still a dedicated hunter.

All this crazy stuff happening with Yang is not helping Pyrrha process everything about Maidenhood. She has a lot of reservations, and is clearly terrified of what the future may hold for her. In a conversation with Jaune, before she lashes out in frustration, we are able to gain that she is afraid of losing herself in Maidenhood. Not only would she be losing herself, she would be losing Jaune and her friends. Of course, what would happen if Pyrrha did not accept Maidenhood? Would Cinder gain the rest of Autumn’s powers and be unstoppable? There seems to be no good answers.

There was at least one positive thing that came from this episode, and that is we now know what is in Velvet Scarlatina’s box. A camera. Though this may seem innocent, her teammate Coco has a fashionable purse that turns into a mini-gun. So this simple camera may possess some amazing powers. Also, this precious bunny gave Ruby some key information. She reveals that Coco also experienced a hallucination in the fight with Mercury and Emerald, which raises Ruby’s suspicions about that mysterious duo.

When Ruby sees Emerald in the stadium, instead of caring for Mercury like she was supposed to be doing, Ruby runs out… Only to be met with a perfectly healthy Mercury in the hallway. As Ruby begins to demand answers the randomization process for the fight finishes, revealing that Pyrrha and Penny will be facing off.

Now, remember how Pyrrha’s semblance is polarity? As in, she can control metal? What do you think would happen if she unknowingly went up against a robotic opponent? Well, the robot would probably die. And unless Ruby can stop the fight, or at least stop Mercury and Emerald from tampering with it, this is not going to end well…

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