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Sony Announces Killzone: Shadow Fall Sales Hit 2.1 Million Units Worldwide!


Posted January 29, 2014 by


When the PS4 launched this past November, many gamers looked for the go-to game that would give them the most value while showing off the next gen. PS4 owners spoke pretty clearly, with nearly half of the 4.2 million install base making Killzone: Shadow Fall their game of choice. Sony announced that the worldwide sales of the shooter have reached 2.1 million units, a sizable number for developer Guerrilla Games to be proud of.

Looking at the list of launch titles for the PS4, Killzone: Shadow Fall was one of the few that was made specifically for the platform and it shows. Arguably the best looking of the launch lineup, Killzone flaunts its technical achievements in its beautiful level design and art direction. With an addicting level of gameplay, this title is sure to keep attracting new PS4 players. For more on Killzone: Shadow Fall, check out our review!


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Written by: Guest Contributor Ninja Boy


Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor