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This Pokemon Cosplay Will Have Your Eyes Misty!


Posted November 5, 2013 by

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Misty is one of the most well-known characters in the classic, old time favorite animated series, Pokemon. Her very first appearance on “Pokemon! I choose you!” is when the young, sweet, bubbly girl was introduced. Misty’s love of Pokemon training and aquatic creatures drove her to make a name for himself and begin training water Pokemon.  Upon water fishing one day, Misty “met” Ash – the main protagonist of the Pokemon series – and accidentally caught him and his Pokemon in a river. The two have been known to sort of have it against each other, but still remain close.


At first, Misty was showcased as temperamental, lashing out at the most minuscule of things. Shortly after beginning her dream journey as a water Pokemon trainer, she toned down that side of herself down and we began to fall in love with the sweet Misty. She even went on to become Gym Leader after looking after the Cerulean Gym, showing off her skills in battle even more. Misty may be kind and cute, but she’s definitely a fighter to watch out for!


We’ve seen quite a few Misty cosplayers, but this time around, cosplayer Vera Baby amplifies the volume with quite the sexy version of her! Misty’s costume is simple, which is where we can see Vera taking it a step further with washed and faded denim shorts and an absolutely spot-on wig. Vera not only sported Misty’s outfit exceptionally well, but her quirky, cute pose showcases Misty’s girly, fun side and the flirty, long eyelashes make her impossible to resist… and battle in any field!


To see more of Vera, visit her at her Twitter, DeviantArt, and Webpage.
Photography by Colin Douglas Gray


Written by Guest Contributor: DanahD

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Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor