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Do you love a gorgeous girl in uniform that drives a tank? What about one that is often engaging in random sexual and violent acts with an attitude that screams she is the epitome of everything your momma wanted you to have in a woman? If girls that aren’t afraid to be obscene, including, but not limited to, belching, passing gas, spitting and nose-picking, is what you fancy, and a psychedelic trip through anarchy is what you crave, we have the perfect girl for you.

Tank Girl stars the gorgeous Rebecca Buck, also known as Tank Girl. After several events take down her good name, like accidentally shooting a prestigious officer and failing to get the colostomy bags to the Head of State in Australia on time and leads him to an embarrassing accident, a bounty is now placed on her head. Now an outlaw, Tank Girl cruises around in the tank which has become her home with her lovely beau Booga, a kangaroo with human-like qualities that formerly owned a successful toy line. Also making an appearance in her life of shenanigans are talking stuffed animals and characters with appearances and pasts so absurd you might find yourself laughing like a school-boy who just discovered the word “fart.”


While ‘sophisticated’ tends not to be in the list of terms one might use to define Tank Girl, Megan Coffey does manage to capture the beauty of the outlaw in her moments of silence between toilet humor jokes. Sporting Tank Girl’s bullseye tank top and protective helmet with a cigarette clinging to her lips, Megan manages to maintain the sassy attitude of TG as she pauses between absurd missions in her hectic, and often hilarious, life.


View more of Megan’s cosplay and modeling work at her Facebook and DeviantArt pages!
Photography by Naya Rappaport.

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Written by Guest Contributor: MissJinxei


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