Frightfully Sexy High School Of The Dead Horror Cosplay

High School of the Dead cosplay main
High School of the Dead cosplay main
High School of the Dead cosplay main

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There is a lot of zombie excitement floating around these days. Whether it’s on TV, through gaming, or in movies, we can’t seem to stray away from the depression, gore-filled disgust, and entertainment that is the zombie apocalypse. Although we tend to see this zombie action in TV and movies through a more realistic perspective using actual human actors, anime fans can also get their craving for some brain chewing through the popular anime ‘High School of the Dead’.

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High School of the Dead is an emotionally powerful story of a group of High School students who witnessed their entire school get demolished by a massive zombie invasion. Losing everyone that they love along with losing their homes, their school, and any sort of feeling of comfort that they once had, the teenagers cling to each other for survival and attempt to figure out exactly what has happened to the world. Battling zombies with strength, cunning, and agility, the teenagers defend themselves and each other to make sure no more lives are lost. And when it comes to hand-to-hand combat with zombies, there is no better person to have on your side than the purple-haired Fujima High student, Saeko Busujima.

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Saeko is an expert melee fighter. With mass amounts of athleticism and combat specialization, no one can send zombies back to the afterlife better than Saeko. Slashing through zombie heads with her sword, she defends her friends and is one of the most dependable members of the group. Although Saeko is loving, she also has a dark, formidable side- a side that likes to inflict physical pain upon others. While Saeko is beautiful and well-mannered, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and her clothes a little blood-splattered.

Japanese cosplayer Akatsuki Tsukasa took on the role of Saeko through cosplay, sporting her traditional high school uniform and sword. Her purple hair, blood-stained clothing, and seductive outfit shows us that Saeko is no ordinary high school student- she is a well-trained fighter who can kill anything that gets in her way, while still looking like an image in every teenage boys’ dreams.

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