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In terms of popularity and universal appeal, the character Harley Quinn has come a very long way in a short amount of time. Harley was inspired by actress Arleen Sorkin, largely due to Arleen’s character wearing a jester costume in an episode of the long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives. Some of the ideas for Harley’s costume and personality came from this episode. Arleen Sorkin was even cast to voice Harley Quinn, and thus history was made.

Harley Quinn was introduced in the 1990’s in Batman: The Animated Series as psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel. While working at Arkham Asylum, she quickly grew obsessed with the Joker, who used her to escape. This spawned Harleen’s “Mad Love” of the Joker, her new career in crime as Harley Quinn, and a comic book detailing her origin story by the same name. Since then, she’s been Gal Friday to her beloved “Puddin’,” part of Gotham City Sirens, a best friend to Poison Ivy, a crime boss with henchmen of her own, part of the Suicide Squad in DCnU, and featured prominently in several award-winning videogames, such as Arkham City, Arkham Asylum, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and will appear in Arkham Knight.


When Harley got her own comic book with DC, her personality was altered into something more dark and psychotic. Even so, to think of Harley is to think of a playful, hugely loyal, slightly unhinged, but often comedic, acrobatic young woman. Her look has changed from the sleek bodysuit and jester’s cap of her Animated Series origin, but the color pallet of black, red, and white has largely stayed the same (exceptions being Arkham Asylum and Suicide Squad), and the combination of those colors, with a black eye mask and jester influences is easily associated with Harley Quinn. And it’s the impish, “Puddin'” loving versions of Harley that so many have fallen for, and so many choose to portray through cosplay.


And why not? Harley is FUN. She can be spunky and silly and still kick your ass. Here, the beautiful Traci Hines shows off her love of Harley Quinn with an adorable costume and expertly applied makeup. She wears the classic red and black Harley bodysuit, rendered in velvet by Castle Corsetry, and keeps it playful with lace-up, platform combat boots. Take a close look at her awesome makeup. She put together this Harley look for a Hot Topic tutorial and chose to use make-up as a way to create the black eye mask. Very well done. We love the way she’s painted her lips in red and black to give it all a “straight out of the comics” vibe. The perfectly styled blonde wig, over-sized mallet, and impish expressions bring it all together to make this a fabulous cosplay. Traci looks adorable, badass, just a little bit crazy (in the best way), and very Harley Quinn.

 Photography by Saffels Photography



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